I was an impossible case, no one ever could reach me.But I think I can see in your face, there's a lot you can teach me.So I wanna know..What's the name of the game?Does it mean anything to you? I'm a curious child. Only a week since we started.It seems to me in a short time. Mamma Mia Mamma Mia Name Of The Game SOPHIE I've seen you twice In a short time Only a week since we started It seems to me For every t Lyrics Popular Song Lyrics No one to see and no one has been invited.Now I am here, talking to you, no wonder I get excited.Your smile and the sound......No copyright infringement intended.All rights to their owners.Nager I wanna know..The name of the game.I have no plans. What's the name of the game?Can you feel it the way I do?Tell me please, cause I have to know. Would you laugh at me...'If I said I cared for you?Could you feel the same way too? From the soundtrack Mamma Mia Here We Go Again.Audio only no video.Sung by Lily JamesBased on the ABBA song The Name of the Game.Music and lyrics Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus \u0026 Stig Anderson.LyricsI've see your eyes, tender like mine. I'm getting more open hearted. Beginning to grow.And you make me talk,and you make me feel and you make me show...What I'm trying to conceal. Mamma Mia 2, The Name of the Game, ( full version) - YouTube If I trust in you,'Would you let me down?

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