However, Joseph was only 7 when his father died, and grandson Benjamin was born nearly 30 years later so that story obviously has been embellished, if there is any truth in it at all. Joseph Van Gundy; Magdalena Herschberger and 3 others; David Van Gundy, Sr.; Benjamin Van Gundy and Peter Van Gundy, Jr. « less A quaint account of their manners and customs is given in an early document as follows: 'The men wore long red caps on their heads. The first tax list still surviving included Peter Gunder with 100 acres. Simple, hardworking farmers who couldn't make it any more in a poor alpen land, before the international commerce hit! July 22, 1856, had a family of four children, viz: William Perry, who married Margaret,,, Van Gundy Family: Surname Genealogy, Family History, Family Tree, Family Crest, Explore MyHeritage's records for the Van Gundy family, Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families from the Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine. Being compelled to flee for his life, he sought asylum in France. The women had neither bonnets, hats, nor caps, but merely a string passing around their head to keep the hair from the face. According to the Chancler of the Canton of Berne, the name 'Von Gunten' does not denote nobility; it is merely 'from Gunten. Here they suffered bitter persecution on account of their religious beliefs, especially for their refusal to conform to the state church, their advocacy of separation of church and state, and their unwillingness to bear arms....... Thirty years elapsed before the Swiss Mennonites, some of them having found a temporary abode in the Palatinate, came to Pennsylvania and located in the Conestoga region, now Lancaster county. One version says he died in Bethel Twp, now Lebanan Co, PA, another that he was killed by Indians in Earl Twp, Lancaster Co, Pa. The will book lists his name as Peter "Gunty" and he died intestate. Many lost their homes and estates. Please, add your favorite Website(s) to this page! Linkpendium matches 1 - 10 (out of about 282 total matching pages): Linkpendium's goal is to index every genealogy, geneology, :) family history, An autobiography of the grandson of Anna Maria Davis, wife of John Van Gundy, simply states "they emigrated from Switzerland before the Revolutionary War and settled in Pennsylvania, Reading County, not far from a town of the same name.". 1751 & 1754 - Peter Gundy was his name on those tax rolls. The latter took a lively interest in their unfortunate brethren in Switzerland and in Germany. There was a famous novel beeing written a few years ago, called "die Furgge", by Katharina Zimmermann. Here they raised their humble cabins. genealogically-related site on the Internet. The 1950s is often viewed as "baby boom" and a period of conformity, when young and old alike followed group norms rather than striking out on their own. This coat of arms consists of a gold shield on which are two human arms are palms up, in a vertical position, encased in a blue sleeve. 1694-1754: "Christian von Gunten of Sigriswil, was forced to lose his citizenship May 9, 1736. From the history of Lancaster County, PA: "The earliest German pioneers in Lancaster County were Swiss Mennonites from the cantons of Zurich and Berne. It is in the District of Sigriswil. The dress both of female and male was domestic, quite plain, made of coarse material, after an old fashion of their own. ", Owen (Benoni Raymond) Van Gundy said in a letter to his daughter that "our Great Grandfather came to America from Holland in the early 1700 AD. The crest shows the arms and hands as on the shield. Fed-Ex Propriety Overnight for Saturday delivery $50.00. Peter and wife, Fronich, sold 200 acres to a Joseph Fox of Philadelphia for 100 pounds. Who is to say what is the truth? 12/13/1755 Earl Twp. They settled in Pennsylvania state on New England coast. I don't know the year or the date. Van Gundy Family Bibliography (Source: WorldCat) Mailing Lists and Message Boards . ", And so it goes. They didn't really have the feudal system like the rest of Europe. By then Joseph was over 21 and David and Benjamin, being over 14, chose their brother, John, as their guardian. A comment "Singlemen for themselves" was not explained. Kim Van Gundy met her hubby back in 1983 at Castleton State College, while he was working as a head coach and she was with the admissions. Search for Van Gundy in Family History Library databases (Source: FamilySearch) 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Deliver the highest levels of quality, value and personal service, and back every product with the legendary Van Gundy Guarantee! According to estate records, his heirs included his wife, Ann, and 7 children. Van Gundy Message Board (Source: RootsWeb) Maps and Gazetteers . The water of the Pequea was clear, cold, transparent, and the grapevines and clematis, intertwining among the lofty branches of the majestic buttonwood, formed a pleasant retreat from the moonbeams of a summer sun.' Another 80 words (6 lines of text) covering the years 126 and 1268 are included under the topic Early Gundy History in all our PDF Extended History products and printed products wherever possible. Pat DeWitz of Bedford, OH, wrote in 1976 the she had her husband visited Berne, Switzerland in September 1974 but found little useful information there. When you find a useful new resource, go to the right Linkpendium page and click Make an appointment today! Sigriswil is on a beautiful hillside overlooking the Thun lake (we all tend to live on hills), there is a windsurfing school (my favorite sport) and the lake is stocked full of trout. Only in very recent years many rsearchers began to unfold these things. Our family-run business thinks of clients like family. Joseph Van Gundy and … 1750 Cocalico Twp, Lancaster Co, PA. Also on the list were Rudy Zuck, John Wenger, Henry Sydenbender, and several from the Davis family, all names of in-law families. But we're democratic. In American, coats of arms mean nothing anyway, so whichever you wish to claim will be perfectly alright. To Nicholas Scull Esqr. When Ann died, sons, John and Christian were then over 21, and John, along with his wife, Ann, petitioned the court for permission to sell their mother's land but the petition was denied. He experienced childhood in the town named Martinez, California. You must be thrilled with any item purchased from Van Gundy Jewelers, or simply return it in its original condition within 30 days of purchase and we will gladly refund your money. By virtue of the Honourable the proprietors Warrant dated the 15th day of March 1749. To render aid in a systematic way, they organized a "Committee on Foreigh Needs." We didn't have any heraldic signage, but some Swiss made some up. ", Some descendants say the family left Switzerland at the time of the Catholic persecution, leaving a fortune over there. Son of Jacob Van Gundy and Female Van Gundy 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Deliver the highest levels of quality, value and personal service, and back every product with the legendary Van Gundy Guarantee! now this summer in Zurich, a special plate was installed at the Grossmuenster to honour Felix Manz the first anabaptist martyr.....". PLEASE HELP! Many people from our area emigrated to America. Instead, guardians were appointed for the minor children on 3/25/1763. Van Gundy was born in Hemet, California and grew up in the town of Martinez, California. The couple are the proud parents of four adult children, Shannon Van Gundy, Alison Van Gundy, Michael Van Gundy,Kelly Van Gundy. All orders made after 2pm PST Friday will be processed on the following Monday. Stan Van Gundy was born in 1950s. Most of the early American generations were millers and coopers and as such the only coat of arms found by the Van Gundy Association attributed to a family whose name was similar to ours, "Gunten", was associated with Hans von Gunten, an old citizen of Gunten, alive in 1497 but childless. Since 1977, we’ve been committed to providing unparalleled knowledge and care for our customers. (Much too late to be our ancestor), A chart of his branch by Ross G Van Gundy of Los Angeles states "Peter VanGundy, a Hollander, and two nephews" were founders of the family in America. They were liberally aided by the more prosperous Mennonites of Holland. 1757 Peter Gunety was the final entry on tax rolls for him. He and his family immigrated to America and settled in Penn's colony in Bethel Twp, PA.". Coffee mugs (set of four) $49.95$34.95. He was a member of an old knightly (3rd class) family originating in Stuhmschen in old Prussia, who were under the vassalage of the Pomeranian diocese as early as the 14th century. Relatives have traveled to Switzerland and, hopefully, in the near future, these folks will have all the facts sorted out.

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