Germany recognised the French protectorate in Morocco, receiving in return territories in the French Equatorial African colony of Middle Congo (now the Republic of the Congo). His brother, Yusef, was then proclaimed Sultan by the French administration, while Abd al-Hafid was exiled to a palace in Tangier. The signers to the Treaty of Fes (also known as the Treaty of Fez) met in Morocco — Eugene Regnault, France 's representative in Tangier had negotiated the treaty with the sultan, Mulay Abd al-Hafid. As a result, Abdelaziz was forced to flee to Tangier. In return, the French guaranteed that the status of the sultan and his successors would be maintained. France gained authority over non-Moroccan citizens in legislative, military, foreign policy and jurisdictional transactions. In Morocco: Decline of traditional government (1830–1912) …choice but to sign the Treaty of Fez (March 30, 1912), by which Morocco became a French protectorate. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Harold D. Nelson, "Morocco, a country study" Foreign Area Studies, The American University, DA Pamphlet No.550-49 (Washington, DC 1985), p 43, quoted in, People of the American Civil War by state, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, "The Development of Nationalism in French Morocco",, "The United Nations Failure in Southern Morocco" 1997, Franco-Spanish conquest of Morocco (1893–1932), FES, TREATY OF (1912) Document providing for the establishment of the French protectorate over Morocco, initialed in Fez, 30 March 1912. The Sultan was to agree to make Morocco into European protectorates and sign the Treaty of Fez. As the new Sultan of Morocco, he was unable to keep Morocco under control. As the Sultan of Morocco, there were rebellions from the Berbers native to Morocco, which put the Sultan in danger. And so when Fez came on the horizon ... that was it, the Treaty of Fez, 100th anniversary of Morocco becoming a protectorate of France. As Sultan of Morocco Abdelhafid signed the Treaty of Fez, which gave France a protectorate over Morocco. …choice but to sign the Treaty of Fez (March 30, 1912), by which Morocco became a French protectorate. 30 Mar 1912 Treaty of Fez In March 1912 Sultan Abd al-Hafid of Morocco, his kingdom by now overrun by French forces, signed the Treaty of Fez with the French diplomat Eugène Regnault. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. This agreement officially made Morocco into a French protectorate. A protectorate is any country or territory that maintains its own internal government, but is under the control of an outside power or country. These rebellions was a method of responding to his bad ruling after taking over the country from his brother, Abdelaziz. The Treaty of Fez (Arabic language: معاهدة فاس ‎) was a treaty signed on 30 March 1912 in which Sultan Abdelhafid agreed to allow France to make Morocco a French protectorate, ending the Agadir Crisis of 1 July 1911. In 1907, Abdelhafid began rebelling against his brother, who was the sultan of Morocco prior to the rebellion, Abdelaziz. Provision was also made to meet the Spanish claim for a special position in the…. Sultan Abdelhafid was born between 1875 and 1880 and died on April 4, 1937. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. As part of the treaty, Germany ceded France a small area of territory to the south-east of Fort Lamy, now part of Chad., Morocco: Decline of traditional government (1830–1912). The treaty was perceived as a betrayal by Moroccan nationalists and led to the 1912 Fez riots and the War of the Rif (1919–26) between the Spanish and the Moroccan Riffians and the Jebala tribes. In return, the French guaranteed that the status of the sultan and his successors would be maintained. Private agreements among the United Kingdom, Italy and France in 1904, collectively known as the Entente Cordiale, made without consulting the sultan, had divided the Maghreb into spheres of influence, with France given Morocco.

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