There is some offensive language below. The lyrics appear to be as white supremacist as it gets: “Someone had to pick the cotton, someone had to pick the corn, someone had to slave and be able to sing / That’s why darkies were born.” The history of the song … Ha!" The most widely shared one proposes retooling it for "The Princess and the Frog," the first Disney film to introduce a black princess. Trump’s claim that only immigrants with “the lowest IQ” follow the law was unconscionable, The first post-debate polls say Biden won. incremental changes in cultural representations. that child, that song of Bernadette. In the words of ScreenCrush’s own Oliver Whitney, Zootopia is Disney’s “most important and political film yet.”. Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano said his town would continue to play Smith’s rendition of “God Bless America” every morning along the boardwalk throughout the summer. The Texas Cowboys school spirit association was a key social group on the UT campus for decades. At the end of the film, Remus’ words seem to heal Johnny after he’s suffered a potentially deadly injury. No one expects a serious meditation on racial identity in a Disney children’s film (at least until they see Zootopia), but even by the company’s generous standards, Song of the South’s version of the South is sanitized in the extreme. Other Disney films criticized for racist characters, like "Dumbo,", Even more recent films like "The Blind Side" and. But if Smith was intending a subtly subversive critique of Depression-era racism, it can’t be detected from her performance, which has survived on a crackling old 78 rpm record. Susanna", the slave is depicted as too dumb to realize his situation and or grasp the concept of geography — that's more of the "slaves as property" portrayal. And we want to be aware of our racist roots," Shaftel said. Whenever I hear the music now, the antique voice laughing about niggers and watermelon fills my head," Johnson wrote. The Philadelphia Flyers cut ties with Kate Smith one day after it was revealed the New York Yankees removed her rendition of "God Bless America" due to "potential racism" in past work. Based on the collected Uncle Remus stories of author Joel Chandler Harris, the film follows an innocent young boy from Atlanta named Johnny (Bobby Driscoll) who moves with his mother to his grandmother’s plantation. Joe Biden was a winner — as was moderator Kristen Welker. … We understand the history,” Troiano added. The stories we learn from them are painful, but also valuable. Later, they can learn where the songs came from, and that lesson will be an important one. "Do I empower them with the history of our country, or encourage the youthful exuberance induced by the ice cream truck? UT Professor Dr. Edmond Gordan explains the nodes of racism aren’t in the ‘The Eyes of Texas’ lyrics but in the song’s past. ", When it comes to these songs, Shaftel explains that children should be taught the modified versions because they can't grasp the nuances of race just yet and don't have multiple levels of understanding. the brave sailors under, come on make it louder, this song of victory Written by Bob Mcdill / Chorus / Song, song of the south. As modern views have evolved, so has our opinion of Song of the South, which was made to reflect the attitudes at the time of its production. The words: "Ol' massa's gone and I'll let him rest/They say all things are for the best/ But I'll never forget 'til the day I die…". “Out of the humble cabin,” they read, “out of the singing heart of the Old South have come the tales of Uncle Remus, rich in simple truths, forever fresh and new.”, Every ‘Saturday Night Live’ Movie Ranked From Worst to Best. “I can assure you that my conversation with the mayor of North Wildwood, Patrick Rosenello, is, we have no intentions of removing it.”, “That’s not a statement that we don’t understand what’s going on, and we’re ignorant to the history and all that. Shaftel explains that we usually attach a disclaimer to Bach and explain how his art was a product of his time. The song's melody, it turns out, was popularized in antebellum minstrel shows where the lyrics "parodied a free black man attempting to conform to white high society by dressing in fine clothes and using big words." Does Song of the South deserve to remain locked away, hidden from public view? In the past, Gordan said members would put on blackface and perform a sort of a minstrel show each year for their schoolmates. That’s a complicated question. It's long been criticized for using racist stereotypes. Gotta jump down, turn around, Oh, Lordie, pick a bale a day." Report illegal content. If you’re not a scholar or an Uncle Remus expert, it’s very easy to assume that the film is set before the Civil War, and that Remus and Aunt Tempy (Hattie McDaniel) are slaves — and that they are completely fine with that. . Song of the South fans often talk about those good intentions, and of the film as a “product of its time,” as does in its “humble defense” of the movie. We change the songs and scrub them clean. The song can be seen as glorifying and poking fun at slave conditions. By stripping out any concrete details of time and place, Disney essentially turned the plantation system into a ludicrous utopia where blacks and whites live in harmony — a harmony where the only thing that’s clear is that the blacks are inferior and servile to the whites, but are content to work the fields anyway. Whenever I hear the music now, the antique voice laughing about niggers and watermelon fills my head," Johnson wrote. Solace I find in the light of the pale moon Few would say those lyrics are racist, but UT Professor Dr. Edmond Gordan explained the nodes of racism won't be found in the "The Eyes of Texas" lyrics but in the song’s past. … The song is greater than anything. The clip — the one I watched was recently taken off YouTube — shows Smith dedicating the song to “a lot of a little colored chillen listening in, in an orphanage in New York City,” then singing about “the place where the good little Pickanninies go” where “great big watermelons roll around, getting in your way.”, As the website of the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia points out, pickaninny or picaninny refers to caricatures with “bulging eyes, unkempt hair, red lips, and wide mouths into which they stuffed huge slices of watermelon. But the animated characters that appear throughout originated in the 1946 film, "Song of the South," best known for the song "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah.". The idea that the times in which it was made were “simple” is as much a fantasy of an idealized past as the one depicted in the film itself. Removal of the song and a requirement that all athletes sing it at sporting events was outlined in a list of requests from current Longhorn athletes to make the school to make the school more inclusive.

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