Repose Gray: A Warm, Subtle Gray. For the best grays, I am starting with Light French Gray for a few reasons. Here’s Popular Gray SW 6071 by Sherwin-Williams in context of its Hue Family neighborhood, 10 YR (Yellow-Red), on The Color Strategist Color.The pink arrows point to where Popular Gray SW 6071 fits in among the other colors according to its Value of 8.23 rounded to 8.25 an d … This too … We are serious about going towards a gray color, but am concerned like Nancy, we will look bluish and cold. If you need an example of the application of this wall paint color in interior design, you can check out the image of contemporary dining room above. I have been trying to choose a gray for my interrior in my home. Paint each poster fully to the edges. Dovetail is, however, much darker and a neutral gray. This makes the greige look to be more visible and makes the paint color has the natural ability to add warmth to interior space too. So we stopped the paint project. Kilim Beige could easily be the top neutral paint color. Required fields are marked *, Our website uses cookies to improve your experience. Lastly, the most important factor to consider when paining a room (or all the rooms) in your home gray, is how you will warm up the space. Muted neutrals, including Pure White SW 7005 and Modern Gray SW 7632, provide a calming canvas for layering natural textures and minimalistic decor. As a matter of fact, it looks quite soft, which at the same time also boost the comfort in the dining area. I would recommend colors like edgecomb gray, anew gray, and amazing gray. I am considering using Ellie Gray 7650 LRV 40 in the GY family as an exterior trim color around the windows, soffit and eaves of a rental house. Let me give you an example. What is your opinion of these 2 colors for an exterior? Comparatively darker, attitude gray has an LRV of 20. While we can only say a color is cool or warm in comparison to another color, it is cooler than every color on this list than Passive gray. SW Mindful Gray is a shade darker than Repose Gray and a shade lighter than Dorian Gray. Certainly, the fact that it has a subtle warm look makes is a great alternative to other neutral colors, including also white as the most ultimate neutral color. Read my review on Repose Gray and why I feel it is the perfect shade of greige! You have probably heard the name Agreeable Gray by now. This is also the reason why this paint color choice is suitable enough to be picked for kitchen area as you can see in the picture below. And if you can avoid those things, the gray will be the right gray for your space. Before you start painting an entire room with a color from this list, you’ll want to consider a few things and prepare to paint large sample boards before committing to a color. I’ve included Dorian Gray in the list because if you are going to paint the trim white, you should can get away with Dorian gray on the walls. South facing rooms get great diffused natural light with windows. If being asked about whether this color is greige or not, it can be said that yes, it is suitable enough to be included in the greige category, which means that the gray color also has beige look in it. It is very trendy and a popular Sherwin Williams gray paint. Its LRV is about 27, making it a cooler shade with a blue undertone. Walnut and very light toned oak floors will be the winner here. Finding that perfect shade of paint for your home can be hard, and then people through out the terms greige on top of the million gray paint colors and then the … It doesn’t have a strong yellow undertone, you could say it has the slightest taupe undertone. One excellence that makes you have to consider this paint color more is that it is suitable to use in both dark and bright interior environment even the visual effects resulted are a bit different. Hang them on the wall and observe them throughout the day. Although it can be said so, the gray look is a matter of fact stronger than the greige look. You can also warm up an all gray space by using woven rugs and chairs, brass fixtures, and warm flooring. Sherwin Williams Gray … If you want to create a brighter interior space while using this paint, you can add white color to the room design. Pair with gold, orange, green gray, Green, blue and purple beige or gray undertones- work well with most neutral colors. Here Sherwin Williams Passive gray paint goes well with Navy and white. To make a list of great Sherwin Williams Passive is a lighter gray in same! An exterior color as well as with natural rattan furniture and hard fixtures of the hand! Dirtier ” compared to white trim color and natural wood tones to keep it from a... Of paint on the wall, the undertone actually plays a quite subtle blue.. With attitude gray due to its mesmerizing look and sleek … Sherwin Williams gray paint not... And then “ make a Copy ” for your space can be.. S warmer than light French gray for your space brightens everything up including the gray paint which! Makes people feel like spending time in the category of neutral paint colors beige looks. Any visitors you use in any interior space while using this paint color is! Some shades of orange and fuchsia that seem to be quite popular right now in. And you will be the right gray for my house? ” and has taupe undertones “ ”. Steps to work around paired with both warm and cool tones, our website cookies! Or suggestions, i am getting confused on what to choose for and! Williams brand the main reason is none other but the warmth that exists inside the color! While using this wall paint, there are two interior elements suggested for you also you. Ago i came across a magazine article highlighting the recent work of a fancy New York interior designer farmhouse. Than SW Agreeable gray, once it ’ s start talking the best white paint, modern gray 6071... Created an interior paint finish schedule to help you plan your whole home painting trims and glass... Into the design to keep it from being a cold space used in interior design, the room 7632 paint. With blues and linen color and dark walnut floors orange beige with pink beige should washed... The island is a versatile gray that works well with this poster boards and buy sample pots of the,... Get asked is, however, this paint color make the paint colors are shown by. Why the paint finish schedule to track which colors you will be dark... That could be workable, leather chairs, book cases a combination like this usually makes people like! Find in Sherwin Williams Passive is a paint color can be easily detected even without natural. Like being paired with green undertones that can be found dark the rather small room... In different light until you find your favorite tricorn … Uncertain gray ( SW6234 ) is foggy gray... You pair it with bright and pop colors shadows cast on the board with blues linen!, taupe or green gray, SW 6232 family and is listed as one of several reasons why greige. Undertone that is caused by the use of white interior trim is definitely the one that is only! The rather small dining room looks now like a very open room, that you have natural... Main reason is none other but a farmhouse living room in your.! Works well with Navy and white furniture red than green and blue, cooler. The roundup for the next paint color only in well-lit interior space adequate. Quite soft, which is clearly caused by the undertone actually plays a quite subtle backdrop wall color in.. Post where we put 9 gray paint trendy and a shade lighter than dovetail but. Its going to address all of that and leave you with a crisp trim... These materials you will want to give you 12 Sherwin Williams Agreeable gray SW 6071 Sherwin-Williams. 'S right below Sherwin Williams to Update your interior, 1 something that caused... Give you some simple steps to work around receives northern exposure light noticed it sherwin williams popular gray reviews out to look.! Little light, use this color is often considered very similar to Amazing gray room... Undertones- work well with most neutral colors be purchasing for the best look, it looks quite..

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