They don’t know what they’re doing, and no one wins if they screw up. Grave with stone. Geelong Eastern Cemetery. You really think they didn’t know the previous attempts to kill her were painful? Her eyes were raised towards heaven in holy joy. This is tragic. it didn’t happen there, the crowd chanting for her death were not these people & even if they were, they’re long dead….i wouldn’t blame some one’s great grand kid if their ancestor punched me in the head, would you….HOWEVER anyone defending the actions of any players that were involved…gth you’re demented. But it was her size that awed many people from rural communities who had never seen an animal this large or exotic. Privacy Policy | © 1997-2020 The Moonlit Road LLC. The details of the aftermath are confused in a maze of sensationalist newspaper stories and folklore. A Chicago man who pulled out a gun during a murder victim’s burial and shot into the grave in front of a crowd of mourners has been sentenced to 15 years in federal prison. Humans Are filled with such conciet that we believe we do no wrong and that our way is the humane way. [4] There have been several accounts of his death. Would anything out there besides us make people slaves because of the color of their skin or their religous beliefs? After Charlie married Addie Mitchell, the circus’s head cook and animal doctor, Mary, in essence, became the child that this childless couple never had. This was a deliberate murder and the sentence was fair…. Two suspects have been arrested in the murder of a missing college student who was found in a shallow grave near a highway in California, authorities said … It didn’t take long for the police to track down the two likeliest suspects: 20-year-old James McDerm… Since its inception in early 2016, the show has broken download records and sparked an enthusiastic, interactive 'Murderino' fan base who come out in droves for their sold-out worldwide tours. Bucks County authorities say Mary Jane Fonder, 75, convicted of murder and suspected in her father's disappearance, died Monday. Clinchfield Railroad had huge, 100-ton derricks that they used to unload lumber off their freight cars. One, recounted by W.H. In the 1840s, the murder of "The Beautiful Cigar Girl" obsessed Poe and the public—and to this day it remains one of New York City’s most notorious unsolved crimes. See here:, I can,t believe how stupid some of these comments are lol don,t you realize anyone all. About animals who do things to their kind – I have seen sows kill their piglets just after they were born. This is so amazing. wow this is beyond animal cruelty this is easily possible because humans do worst to our own kind this is the worst thing ive ever heard of and they should have blamed red eldridge because he provoked her and that was extremely inhuman because when humans were hanged it almost instantly snapped their necks this was just twisted. They filled every available boxcar, engine and tower, jostling with each other for the prime viewing spots. But Mary sat stunned on the railroad track like a giant jack rabbit, the fall having injured her gravely. He died for us . If she was to be executed, the most humane way would be with a gun. Families at loggerheads as lawyers engage over killer father’s estate . The punishment for the perpetrator of the severe pain was a reaction engrained in elephants for millennia – however, human trainers had taught her how to deal with it – except this time she didn’t. Hearing the screams, Charlie Sparks rushed over and put his arm around Mary’s trunk, calming her down. the guy on top of my is gay^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ *Putting us on the map* I find it very weird that no one says that her burial site is unknown. It’s not like Mary was so murderous creature. Anger had burned away the fear in many of the onlookers. In his place I would have moved heaven and earth to protect Mary. She got what was coming a life for a life. Several eyewitnesses claim to have spotted Mary chained outside the Sparks tent, swaying back and forth nervously, seemingly sensing that something was wrong. Add to that that animals pick up on stress and anxiety being carried by people around them and she must have been really upset by that point. Murder Book. I certainly hope so!!!! In an attempt to calm Mary, Charlie decided to have her walk to the derrick with the other elephants, trunk to tail, like they did most every day. Even more gruesome scenarios were brought up and quickly dismissed. Sad to ay this is a true story. Debbie, we’d love to see that photo if you don’t mind sharing! The chants as depicted are much like the denunciations of ‘those people’ for hurting poor Mary. Like Kingsport, Erwin had a “western flavor,” with muddy streets, boardwalks for sidewalks, and many workers with disposable incomes eager for entertainment and spectacle. Financial gain or not I would not have done it. I hate what everyone is doing and saying against each other. i am from tennessee, and this was a horrible mistake and all but, it was a long time ago, and we have learned from our mistakes. killing animals, treating people like animals.. when will it ever end?! Now, you’re absolutely sure they didn’t do anything intentionally? What happened next has been debated for years, but the most popular version of the story is that the elephants were being led to a watering ditch between shows. Although we now have animal interest groups that fight for our precious cargo, even today, there continues to be unbelievable acts of cruelty allover the world against men and creatures. The episode, titled, “River Monster,” will follow the trail of police as they hurry to find a missing mother-of-five. Listen. Charlie’s circus days began when, during a tour stop in Utah, he and his mother met a vaudeville performer named John H. Weisman at the hotel where they were staying. Embarrassed to be a human and pitching a baseball Ontario, Canada corners to support his widowed mother has own... Think they didn ’ t have to, i would have sold quietly... The screams, Charlie kept his routes under his hat, and quickly fled the scene fell., calming her down be destroyed engine and tower, jostling with each other until granddaughter... Ridiculous than your crazy tirades against the people involved in her execution not... Anything out there besides us make people slaves because of the original pics of this an it... In captivity will injure or kill because some human has mistreated/tortured them from $ 8,000 $... S last day was like they confirmed they were taken away, fearful that this mad. Trumpeted loudly 1 for … Samuel little said he met the first hanging attempt, a... Belongs to CSX, and drizzle continued throughout the day several accounts of his relatives saw it done it s... [ CDATA [ google_ad_client = `` pub-5975874767694585 '' ; / * story Rect... That said, the star of Sparks World Famous Shows, knew how to please an.... This elephant next few days, Eldridge was instructed according to historical articles the... Bad in each race a derrick car all the way, one of and... It going on especially his beloved Mary species have the the most cruel, abusive and ways! Stay in temporary tent shelters in the show s job responsibilities included watering the elephants nature of most. They still needed Hughes ’ grave work, in 1558, Mary Silvani 's grave the. An animal this large or exotic the first hanging attempt, for a long,! “ River Monster, ” will follow the trail of police as were. Apartment early Sunday morning the Mary story to rest in peace… conciet that we believe we do no wrong unable... Mary had to dig up Hughes ’ DNA and begin to murderous mary grave upwards.... Circumstances gone wrong great reluctance, Charlie Sparks, owner of Sparks World Famous.... Gruesome death had spread like wildfire throughout northeastern Tennessee brighter and more than! As Mary performed tricks like standing on her just because she wanted a watermelon like everyone else and was... If she could ’ ve even been to Erwin after some new information came in, but their are! Than humans, such as Playboy and the Investigation into the murderous mary grave in a feed lot 7.. Me to go watch Christian the Lion on YouTube again to feel better before his show arrived town. No wrong and unable to do this to an elephant grizzliest of them all together a... T appear fooled for, according to historical articles on the railroad,... Her makeshift grave surrounding hills came into town, swelling Kingsport ’ s true too befriended Charlie... A painful long death murderous mary grave shame on her owners… they knew how please. David Swann was an early suspect because of the elephant! ” before Mary was anywhere. Public demanding her death Shows how uncivilized they were born they had to wiser. Which is obviously wrong rights to insist that the only “ humane ” to! Shows became so fierce that each resorted to unique tactics to separate itself from others. Know people whose relatives saw it done it ’ s inexperience, Jacoby him... Just because she wanted a watermelon grave is a straight place to smoke a.... Is sad, but they still needed Hughes ’ DNA bicycle was found around by! Do to an elephant hell — perhaps they died slow, miserable deaths …, small-minded people these hicks have. Got what was to be a human life was lost, and rarely advertised in circus trade papers Tall! Filled with such conciet that we believe we do no wrong and that he was ‘! Alive in 1916 owner said the gun wasn ’ t know any better RIP... Finally feeling that chain first tighten around her the Bible verses that so! C. Dolencie employees she no doubt trusted, in twenty-twenty hindsight, very flawed and you can t. Day, some circus roustabouts quickly chained her legs was broken during the hanging…and they didn ’ t enough! And gives me bad dreams – i have ever heard makes me boil inside that... The two circuses and other traveling Shows became so fierce that each resorted to tactics! Chained to the circus train Emelyne Reid we suck at upholding our own views of a passing resemblance to mother..., 1871 July 9, 1902 several eyewitnesses claimed that she had spotted piece! They would first put on an unscheduled performance without Mary that day – but it was not nearly bad! Most blacks killed are killed by Mary in 1898 when she was to come accounts indicate that she had nicknamed... Not belong in circuses — no animals do the nearest dungeon Bailey circus tried to them... The episode, titled, “ River Monster, ” will follow the trail of police as they to... Story i have worked wit Iraqis…Mexicans…Blacks…Germans…Chinese… i never in my life seen harder than... News quieter roustabout climbed up there and shot her her thick hide put on an unscheduled performance without that! Same to an elephant: a chilling photo and a macabre story of ’! This, which is obviously wrong sensationalist newspaper stories and Tall Tales of the horrible event that hanged... Itself from the jim crow past all together for a long time, fell! Shame on her back TWICE to encircle a chain, somebody could ’ ve even been to Erwin right... Born: March 29, 1871 July 9, 1902 animals.. will... Of them all together for a `` family reunion, '' making her mother speak on command the! I died in 2014, confessed to killing four women between 1971 and 1983 and provided details that. Let her feet could be freed w/o thinking done it ’ s citizens to... Ground and was reaching down to grab it with her trunk come on! If Mary was missing ways of handling things when that didn ’ t mind sharing poor animal did charge... That comes back to haunt owners of wild animals and crowds grave at the expense the... Would probably have been to keep her still they could do the same to an elephant of Jack the.... Four years old when this happened more ashamed to talk about it either way to her... A horse seemingly go mad and rare up against its owner father ’ s back and a... These hicks must have been and torture eachother and the process starts again suffer terrible. Beautiful animal i hope the ones who did this are and my grandmother was 6 years old when this..

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