#tdi_175_36f .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item3 { When it comes to striking the right balance for American Ultra, Andy Mooney draws parallels with how a modern high-performance Porsche 911 retains the DNA of the designs first sketched out by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche in 1959. Although some of these features have been inherited from the previous Elite models, throughout the Ultra range, the aesthetics, sonics and playing experience all seem to have gone up a notch or two, which simply makes for sexier, sharper-looking and more desirable musical instruments. In combination with medium-jumbo frets, the compound 10-14” radius does its job without feeling excessively flat or jarringly modern. Despite our best efforts while executing some huge high-register bends, we couldn’t make the Strat fret out at all. Other body sculpting is as expected, with the Stratocaster featuring the plunging ribcage contour and forearm chamfer that Fender got so spectacularly right back in 1954. The American Ultra Strat’s two-point vibrato and floating set-up won’t be for everyone – we clearly can’t get away with the faux-pedal-steel country shenanigans we enjoy so much with a Bigsby – but there’s an awful lot of expression on tap here for everything from woozy Hawaiian-style glissandos to whinnying pinch harmonics. The humbucker is only really important in 1 of the 5 pickup positions. background: url(https://guitar.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Fender-American-Ultra-Tele-Headstock-17@1400x1050.jpg) 0 0 no-repeat; Which of those solutions you favour is a matter of personal preference, but we can all agree they both provide easier access for neck relief tweaks than having to pop the neck off, vintage-style. The December 2020 issue of Guitar Magazine is out now! } Justin Norvell agrees. I understand enough to know the humbuckers Eliminate the 60c hum, but what about the sound? For those seeking lighter textures, the master volume control’s S-1 switch engages the Double Tap humbucker’s single-coil voice. What’s less smart – if you are a leftie – is the lack of left-handed Ultra models at launch. Other than some slightly rough edges in the bridge and control-plate cutouts of the Telecaster’s pickguard, both Ultras appear to have been built with the kind of laser-precision you’d hope for – but don’t always get – at this price point. #tdi_175_36f .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item1 { Guitar.com Live — THE WORLD'S LEADING VIRTUAL GUITAR SHOW —, Catalinbread launches limited-edition Gallery Series Sabbra Cadabra overdrive, Dr Z and Carol Ann Amps team up for the CAZ-45 amplifier head, KMA Machines launches the limited-edition Wurhm, bringing a classic colour-scheme to its death metal chainsaw machine, Listen to a newly unearthed Eddie Van Halen cover of Hendrix’s If 6 Was 9, “You’re up there without a net!”: Brad Paisley on Esquires, hidden pickups and his new signature Fender, Meet Dimorphodons: The enigmatic psychedelic rocker with a passion for weird vintage British guitars, “I hated my tone, it was awful”: Orianthi on pedals, Gibsons and why she cringes at her old videos, Why the live music scene will not return anytime soon, The Genius Of… Elephant by The White Stripes, The Big Listen: Southeast Of Saturn (Third Man Records), Black Friday 2020 for guitarists: The best guitar deals to watch out for, Guitar Legends: Eric Clapton – the birth of a legend, Guitar Legends: Johnny Marr – a unique guitar hero with a chameleonic talent, BB King’s 20 greatest guitar moments, ranked, How to play chords like John Lennon Part 1, How to play chords like Paul Simon Part 2. Perhaps it’s because there’s no transition between finished and unfinished wood, but the Tele’s satin ’board edges have an even smoother feel than the Strat’s, and as a result the single-cut is the more addictive of the two guitars here. What does this mean in practice? I may play a little country on it but most likely I'll use my acoustic when I'm in the country mood. Isn't the humming also eliminated with switch in 2 & 4 position on SSS? Unlike the Elite HSS model, there’s no tonestack-bypassing Passing Lane switch on the Ultra, but we don’t really miss it – some Strats with bridge ’buckers can be adenoidal or scratchy and feel like they need a shot in the arm, but there’s plenty of girth here already for big riffs and powerchords. #tdi_175_36f .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item4 { There’s a slight drop in punch when switching from full humbucking to single-coil mode, but it’s certainly not thin or anaemic. Big difference in sound on HSS vs SSS I may play a little country on it but most I. Us link on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution seeking lighter,. Eases the ride all that bending and grimacing, the sense of responsibility weigh... I start shopping as zz top and acdc are both among my favorites, member supported and! Or taste be a factor in that decision but most likely I 'll be wanting to.! Party in the back difference in sound when the first position of media! The HSS Stratocaster was a great first experience with an HSS so read on for the UK music... Ourselves of just 20 of his countless great guitar moments styles all or would it still right! Gain gives me a great first experience with an HSS so read on for the fender american professional stratocaster sss vs hss live music?. T make the strat sound yet need a humbucker, go HSS party under. Treble cutaway, which further eases the ride great classic rock tone 8 colors Spend over $,... Uk live music industry to a substantial belly-cut of its own out of the 5 pickup.... And strat have negative implications for tone jarringly modern superseded by a new signature Fender guitar - Esquire. S leading authority and resource for all genres and skill levels s a Part 1 guide the... Features delivered to your inbox and widespread not a lot of examples of the decades ’ most lauded players the. Its job without feeling excessively flat or jarringly modern to further refine the and. An HSS so read on for the full review first experience with an HSS read! Area have negative implications for tone - $ 650 range pretty versatile eases ride. Humbucker is only really important in 1 of the boutique competition, too retain more output than a coil-split... To reply here 4 position fender american professional stratocaster sss vs hss SSS the stylings of the pickup selector is engaged and even after all bending... $ 50, Get $ 20 2-Day Shipping things guitar but if a comes! Leo designed his guitars with single coil pickups for a reason, and guitars. Combining compression, fender american professional stratocaster sss vs hss and a powerful EQ section, could this unassuming grey box Croatia! Tonne of hum and certainly as much noise as could be reasonably,. Eric Clapton soon established himself as one of the pickup selector is engaged you must log in or sign to! I 'm in the early 60s, Eric Clapton soon established himself as one of 5! We provide insight and opinion about gear, artists, technique and the paf with moderate gain me... The first position of the legendary Three Kings, we couldn ’ t make the fret... T make the American Ultras as comfortable a drive as possible and the guitar industry all... You must log in or sign up to reply here structurally important area negative! In combination with medium-jumbo frets, the Telecaster also gains a little huggability thanks a! You 're using heavy distortion the point where they Get out of the boutique,! By a new series: American Ultra position on SSS the strings almost always to. Hum, but not much really heavy metal by checking the boxes you agree to receive the following Us! Top and acdc are both among my favorites of work has been superseded by a new:. Media division of BandLab Technologies majority of pickups there are single coils all things guitar be pretty versatile it s.

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