As noted earlier, there will be two rounds of collective bargaining between now and 2028. The addition of Portland and Montreal make a ton of sense. I agree with all you say, except I think the expansion teams will be Vegas and Charlotte.

Plus, owners cannot complain too much when the Yanks and Sox fill their stadiums 10-plus times a season, which is what the Indians want, right?

2) Equally intermix 4 AL & 4 NL teams in each division (to balance DH rule). Both have robust minor league teams and solid baseball histories.

Expansion isn’t the touchy part — pretty much everyone figures MLB will eventually have 32 teams — but it’s the realignment that gets people all hot and bothered. 3) Move Minnesota to West Conf. Base the realignment of teams on two new additional teams and the relocation of 4 others. Both expansion teams — Montreal and Portland — would become A.L. The Rays and Orioles would become N.L. Major League Baseball (MLB) is an American professional baseball organization and the oldest of the major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada.A total of 30 teams play in Major League Baseball: 15 teams in the National League (NL) and 15 in the American League (AL). Only 16 pitchers have ever won the NL pitching Triple Crown, leading the league in wins, ERA, and strikeouts. The Milwaukee Brewers agreed to transfer.
To avoid this, MLB decided to move one team from the American League to the National League, giving the NL 16 teams and the AL 14. This is assuming that that there are requests for a franchise that necessitate a team moving from one league to another,like Houston did.

Anyway enough of my baseball memories.....great hub that you have written ...that I found extremely fun to read...voted up and very awesome. I have previously written on this topic here, here, here and here, so you might think I don’t have anything more to say on it... but of course I do! This would help create a new Canadian rivalry, Toronto vs. Montreal. Effective with the 2013 season, the Houston Astros moved from the NL Central Division to the American League West Division. For MLB, its works well because each season, at least one California team will make the playoffs. “The Yankees and the Red Sox, the two behemoths of the American League East, have so cornered the market on playoff spots that something must be done, some suggest. Many historical player head shots courtesy of David Davis. It is time for baseball to add some new teams to the mix. That gives them an opportunity to sort out the 154-game season logistics. Milwaukee was not interested in switching back, so it was the Houston Astros who were convinced to switch leagues, doing so before the 2013 season. C'est a la vie. I’ve already written one article here on something Stark noted, the universal designated hitter.
I will look for your stadiums article on Suite 101.

But doing something like Stark mentions — the Mets and Yankees in the same division — not only tosses out 120+ years of history, but forces something that most people really don’t want. I love the history of all sports, especially baseball and football.

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