There's a reason TF2 doesn't have a mini-map. Note: sent when a player gets a whole new set of items, aka touches a resupply locker / respawn cabinet or spawns in. -1 will make everyone hear it. Also what happens to the Escape Plan & The Equaliser? Note: local player heals someone who called for medic. A creature or character that is marked for death will be sentenced to death following a multitude of turns. Note: Broadcast an audio file by game_sound name. Need to translate "marked for death" to Swedish? For The King Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. The following events can also be found in tf\tf2_misc_dir.vpk in the file resource\modevents.res. If the enemy team communicates effectively, they can concentrate firepower and take down the heavy very quickly, because they know exactly where he will be. No. So long as one stays of the frontlines while it's active, it's practically irrelevant. Description [edit | edit source]. For those looking for a complete list of the status effects and their respective icons, click here. In pubs, where the GRU isn't too overwhelming a factor, it doesn't matter so much, but in any competitive format it's a huge balancing factor. Secondly, it's a nerf to the Crit-A-Cola. The problem with the 'Marked for Death' condition is that it's incredibly easy to play around, and thus is actually quite a small downside. Yeah, but it's not especially effective as-is, and it's incredibly easy to play around. What you wrote in your first few sentances. This does not appear to fire for the server. which team should hear the broadcast. If you nerf the GRU, you nerf Heavy. It also has an automated mathematical spreadsheet computed from user trades and refreshed hourly. user ID of the player who now has the flag, entindex of the pyro who ignited the victim, entindex of the player ignited by the pyro, entindex of the medic releasing the invuln, entindex of the player that was extinguished, entindex of the player who did the extinguishing, userid of the player who built the teleporter, if our attribute specifically crits disguised enemies we need to show it on the client, if has minicrit on fire or hurt with minicrit, the reason the team won - 1 (someone capped) 2 (entire team was killed), entindex of the player who threw the jarate, entindex of the player whose shield blocked the stab, method by which we acquired the item (TODO: Show which numbers represent which method of finding. Note: dominated, assister_dominated, revenge, assister_revenge, first_blood, and feign_death no longer exist in this event, Note: When a flag is captured by a player, Note: When a player begins to capture a control point, Note: When a player enters a capture point zone, Note: When a player leaves a capture point zone, Note: called when round is active, players can move, Note: When the "waiting for players" pre-round begins, Note: When the "waiting for players" pre-round ends, Note: When the "waiting for players" pre-round is about to end. The knock on effects for this are huge, as the Marked For Death mechanic is used by a number of problematic weapons. This lets you price check tf2 items easily. It's for this reason that I suggest that, along with the markee taking minicrits, they also be given a team-coloured glow while it's active, similar to the intel in ctf, or the glow which all teammates have upon spawning. Reflect damage reduced from 80% to 50% Vampire – damage resistance removed. So long as one stays of the frontlines while it's active, it's practically irrelevant. It doesn't just deal straight-up more damage, instead it offers a weakness for the enemy team to exploit with good gamesense and tactical play. Hitting an important target, such as an enemy medic or heavy, now makes them a beacon for the incoming firepower of your entire team, and they can run but they can't hide. We fixed the bug the following morning and decided to trade-lock the hats from the bugged crates while we evaluated the situation. Alternatively, fleeing a battle will erase the effect from that character. The whole "encourages staying away from the frontlines until the effect wears off". Essentially, not only do you take more damage, but all of the enemy team knows where you are and that you're weak. Audio files are documented in the game_sound files inside tf2_misc_dir.vpk. ", New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the TF2WeaponIdeas community. 1 intro_finish; 2 intro_nextcamera; 3 player_changeclass; 4 player_death; 5 tf_map_time_remaining; 6 tf_game_over; 7 ctf_flag_captured; 8 controlpoint_initialized; 9 controlpoint_updateimages; 10 controlpoint_updatelayout; 11 controlpoint_updatecapping; 12 … Marked for Death is a level 100 rogue talent. This one's not as game-changing, but it means that Scouts using it must be much more careful in their getaways, as they can't hide during their period of vulnerability. Note: Send when a player is made invulnerable, Note: Called when a scout Performs Double Jump, Note: When a Player Evades Damage with Bonk, Note: When a Player is Killed by the Scout Taunt, Note: When a player is hit by a Sniper's Huntsman arrow or Medic's Crusader's Crossbow arrow, Note: sent when a player is jarated, only to the two players involved, Note: Sent when a Razorback blocks a backstab. ), bitfield of the players that can see this, user ID of the person who gets the banner, user ID of the player the buff is being applied to, weapon id (0 means the player in ownerid was pushed), entindex of the object that got deflected, type of area (0 for general, 1 for capture zone).

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