Not only does it feels like it is stretched in numerous directions but like I have mentioned numerous times before, the stories lack something to bring it all together. Could you talk to the night if I told you I never sleep? Love Me or Leave Me Season 1 Release year: 2012 Fearful of the prospect of marriage due to her father's infidelity, Ji Qing employs sexy Shan-shan to test longtime boyfriend Hao-ming's faithfulness. and I was ever so glad I did because this drama literally blew me away and makes me ready to jump into doramas. The scenes transitions were very plain and simply bad. Mummy Wang asks Yi Ren if she is not afraid that she will tell her to continue things with Da Shuai. Other than the unsynchronised scenes, the interactions between Hao Ming and Ji Qing who had their first solid argument which really allows them to further grow as a couple. As much as I want to fall in love with this drama, there is something that just constantly get on my nerves and that is unsynchronisation (yeahh, I’m making up words) which this ep is another prime example of, clearly evident falling from the back of ep 3. 1. Plain and simple is what works best. Could you be the air in my lungs when I can’t breathe? Mummy Wang tells Yi Ren her opinion while Da Shuai listens in. 今日は和訳のリクエストいただいた曲の歌詞を和訳します。今をときめくショーン・メンデスの"Love Me Or Leave Me"という曲です。リクエストいただくまで知らない曲でした。公式にはリリースされていない曲だそうです。歌詞はすべてを打 There were some ups and some downs and there were some surprises. Sheng Hua will love her and Duo Duo very much but if she chooses Da Shuai, she will lead a very difficult life. Continue reading →. Not only that but this ep is sad that nothing really develops and so all that there is is sadness from the OTP. She wants to know whether Hao-ming really loves her; so she decides to rent a woman - Shan - to seduce her own lover. It is Shan Shan who is the main drive of the rough storyline. As far as development goes, it is all over the place and there isn’t really much of it in terms for growth for the characters because frankly, they are quite one dimensional. Arrrghhhhh! If only the direction was clear-cut everything else would flow on much more smoothly than what it is doing now. Continue reading →, This ep is just sad, because of the current situation that the OTP has found themselves in. I haven’t seen as much k-dramas, c-dramas and tw-dramas as I would have liked so my new years resolution for next year is to watch more dramas outside of hk-dramas. Shan Shan is taken to the hospital for emergency treatment while Ji Qing and Hao Ming have a talk. With the storyline it is the inconsistent direction that it wants to follow. The individual stories are heading down their own path but it is because of the numerous stories all fighting for the dominant position that leaves this drama questioning where exactly does it want to take the story to. Continue reading →. I don’t know whether I enjoy the characters any more; they don’t have any excitement, and yes I do like Shan Shan but even she is lacking excitement. Even until today I am still swooning over it. The more that I watch of Shan Shan, the more that I am more curious to see how much more her character holds. Hao Ming needs to stop and think on behalf on other people not think for them. While one couple is having their hearts broken but each other, another couple is well on their way to a loving relationship. Therefore, Hao-ming proposes a "trial marriage", hoping to show Ji Cing the beauty of matrimony. This drama could do so much better but the hugest downfall of this drama is it being really choppy and the storyline falling out of place. Lastly, with tw-dramas, nothing really blew my socks off and I wasn’t overly excited for any one drama so this year for me, I wasn’t too happy with the offerings of tw-dramas when compared to last year’s share. Her character is really complex and there is still so much more to be revealed about her that is yet to be know which makes her character lack a distinct path that she wants to take. This drama has taken this idea on board but the wrong way but adding storylines here and there as well characters here and there who are either irrelevant to the plot or are swaying the plot elsewhere. I thought and desperately hoped that Ji Qing discovering the truth would change things for the better but instead on the contrary it is flopping more than ever before. It doesn’t know where it wants to go and with all these characters who are given a prominent storyline, it just has too many directions where it wants to stretch itself to. タイトルのSeñorita(セニョリータ)は、未婚の女性に対して呼びかけるスペイン語の言葉ですね。日本語だったらお嬢さんとかお... カナダ・トロント出身のシンガー、 Continue reading →. I think the Taiwanese audience agree that this drama is not enjoyable to watch because ratings have been flopping, having only broken 0.5 with the first two eps and falling thereafter. I just knew that when marriage was approaching this quickly something like this would happen. Of course, dramas never listen to my opinions and chooses to head exactly where I did not want it to. However, this drama is putting in perks here and there to differentiate their relationship from the usual plot which instead makes this drama not sure of where it wants to head. This page was last modified on 23 Aug 2013. She tells her to go live her life the way she wants. Love Me or Leave Me Episode 30; 出租情人 Episode 30; I Rented a Lover Episode 30; Rent A Lover; The story of a couple who are staying together and contemplating marriage. They both yearn for each other yet they have a distance with each other. I will continue to watch it since I started it and would like to finish. 自信を失っても、諦めない気持ちを歌っています。 It was just so distinct that the transitions were unsynchronised and the scenes were placed all over the place that it made no sense when one scene transitioned to another. And sometimes when I quite as strong as I wanna be, [歌詞和訳] If I Can’t Have You / Shawn Mendes (ショーン・メンデス), [歌詞和訳] Señorita / Shawn Mendes (ショーン・メンデス) & Camila Cabello (カミラ・カベロ), [歌詞和訳] In My Blood / Shawn Mendes (ショーン・メンデス), [歌詞和訳] Stuck With U / Justin Bieber (ジャスティン・ビーバー) & Ariana Grande (アリアナ・グランデ), [歌詞和訳] Christmas Tree Farm / Taylor Swift (テイラー・スイフト), [歌詞和訳] Show Yourself / Idina Menzel (イディナ・メンゼル) 映画「アナと雪の女王2」挿入歌, [歌詞和訳] Into The Unknown / Idina Menzel (イディナ・メンゼル) 映画「アナと雪の女王2」挿入歌, [歌詞和訳] Daylight / Taylor Swift (テイラー・スウィフト), [歌詞和訳] Good Life / G-Eazy & Kahlani 映画「ワイルド・スピード ICE BREAK」挿入歌, [歌詞和訳] Eight Days A Week / Beatles (ビートルズ), [歌詞和訳] I Won’t Last A Day Without You / Carpenters (カーペンターズ).

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