A husband and wife are trapped in an infamous Dutch prison and tortured by ghosts. It really does open the mind!! A meek husband buys a supposedly empty chest at an auction. A growth chemical is spilled on the ground, with monstrous results.

+ Arch Oboler introduces littl... + Weird and heavily accented guy is eventually left by his gallivanting wife to finally join her bo... A couple excitedly spends summer with their son in a vacant home which is unoccupied for 20 years.

Lord Marley and his female "guest" have evil plans for the lord's wife.

A... A man nearing his execution date escapes from prison and swears revenge on the man who framed him fo... A meteorite is found by a stargazing couple. + When the moving picture show, The Monster, that Gibson and his assistant had put on for the town, ... A sailor murders his buddy who strikes it big at the lottery but managed to escape the authorities w... "The Author and The Thing".

It was however dropped in favor of an anthology emphasizing crime thrillers and the supernatural.

Lights Out is an American horror radio program, which ran on various networks from January 1934 to the summer of 1947. Would anybody happen to know of an episode where a man says to a woman (who seems to be struggling) "I'm about to tell you my dear.

A quarreling couple are trapped in their apartment with a hideous creature that only they can see. If anyone has information on this I would greatly appreciate it! Driving across country in my family's RV in the 90s, a rainy night bounding down the interstate somewhere in the Midwest. Three soldiers during the Great War experience the same dream while on a train.

I have a question: I stumbled upon a clip on YouTube that someone recorded in the static between AM stations and couldn't figure out what it was. "This is the witching hour!

In Georgian England, a man is an executioner for the state, for which he feels no remorse. A professor keeps having a nightmare that urges him to kill. I'd link it here but I'm not sure if that's allowed. THINK. Two men search the jungle for a giant spider. Sponsored by: Ironized Yeast, Energene Cleaning Fluid. A couple find a meteorite — and encounter the horror inside it. Although Lights Out would be closely associated with Oboler later on, he would always credit Wyllis Cooper as the series' creator and spoke highly of him as "the unsung pioneer of radio dramatic techniques" and the first person he knew who understood that radio drama is an art form.

Two girls visiting Carlsbad Caverns try playing a joke that doesn't prove very funny. I had a little accident.

Two women canoeing in the woods come across a dark house with a sinister occupant. A man in Australia kills a native, who curses him. - G through Z See below for what is new on the site or click on a letter under "Radio Scripts". Look closely now. This set the pattern for Oboler's run of two horror episodes followed by a drama on more serious subjects dealing with moral, social and political issues Click here to read more about Lights Out. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help, Lights Out - 1936-09-09 Author and the Thing, Lights Out - 1937-03-17 State Executioner, Lights Out - 1937-04-14 The Little People, Lights Out - 1937-07-14 Lord Marley's Ghost, Lights Out - 1938-04-06 Cat Wife (Boris Karloff), Lights Out - 1942-10-13 Revolt of the Worms, Lights Out - 1942-12-01 Story of Mr. Maggs, Lights Out - 1942-12-15 Knock at the Door, Lights Out - 1943-01-19 Devil Mr. Alleycat, Lights Out - 1943-01-26 Protective Mr. Drogen, Lights Out - 1943-02-23 They Met at Dorset, Lights Out - 1943-03-09 Ball Paris Macabre, Lights Out - 1943-03-30 Money Money Money, Lights Out - 1943-05-11 Murder In The Script Department, Lights Out - 1943-06-01 Ugliest Man In the World, Lights Out - 1943-06-15 Prelude To Murder, Lights Out - 1943-07-13 Visitor From Hades, Lights Out - 1943-07-20 Profits Unlimited, Lights Out - 1943-07-27 The Little People, Lights Out - 1943-08-31 Immortal Gentleman, Lights Out - 1943-09-07 Lord Marley's Ghost, Lights Out - 1943-09-28 Author and the Thing, Lights Out - 1945-07-21 Reunion After Death, Lights Out - 1945-08-25 Man in the Middle, Lights Out - 1945-09-01 The Day The Sun Exploded, Lights Out - 1946-07-13 The Coffin In Studio B, Lights Out - 1946-07-27 Battle of the Magicians, Lights Out - 1946-08-03 The Revenge of India, Lights Out - 1946-08-10 Ghost on the Newsreel Negative, LightsOut-1936-09-09AuthorAndTheThing.ogg, LightsOut-1938-04-06CatWifeborisKarloff.ogg, LightsOut-1943-01-26ProtectiveMr.Drogen.ogg, LightsOut-1943-05-11MurderInTheScriptDepartment.ogg, LightsOut-1943-06-01UgliestManInTheWorld.ogg, LightsOut-1943-08-31ImmortalGentleman.ogg, LightsOut-1943-09-28AuthorAndTheThing.ogg, LightsOut-1945-07-21ReunionAfterDeath.ogg, LightsOut-1945-09-01TheDayTheSunExploded.ogg, LightsOut-1946-07-13TheCoffinInStudioB.ogg, LightsOut-1946-07-27BattleOfTheMagicians.ogg, LightsOut-1946-08-03TheRevengeOfIndia.ogg, LightsOut-1946-08-10GhostOnTheNewsreelNegative.ogg, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). It’s late.

241 likes. The horror in these shows is amazing.

In a possible future, the entire Earth is about to declare world peace with the abandonment of all.

*It seems better versions were uploaded, not all are muffled after 'Cat Wife'. By the time Cooper left, the series had inspired about 600 fan clubs. A writer believes that the horrors he writes about are being brought to life. A man finds himself emotionally trapped between his wife and the secretary he's having an affair with.

At his son's grave a famous composer meets a violinist who tries to persuade him to kill himself. After a man calls his amoral wife a cat, an incredible transformation follows. A man who'd give anything to know the future actually travels one year into the future...and learns more than he bargained for. Two male students crash a masked ball in Paris. Lights Out debuted in 1934 and was radio's premier horror series. A man framed for a murder will stop at nothing for revenge - not even his enemy's already being dead. After a man calls his amoral wife a cat; an incredible transformation follows. This prompts another girl to searc... A murderer who never had experiences a dream suddenly falls into one during his sentencing trial.. T... Two girls on a camping trip, and while rowing docks their boat on an island to pick some flowers whe... 1 Two reporters visit a haunted farm to interview a ghost. These are some of the best horror radio dramas ever! Lights Out is an American horror radio program, which ran on various networks from January 1934 to the summer of 1947. Free sample downloads. The jeep two Allied soldiers are riding in hits a landmine, but they escape unhurt...or do they? It's like the minds eye is opened to envision a thought and to formulate a place or a time . A man obsessed with fire uses an incantation to summon a she-demon.

I cannot find any recordings and would appreciate the help. Women who enter this house never come out. A fire at sea leaves only one survivor...this is his story. A great recreation of "Chicken Heart", based on the original script, was done by the Gotham Radio Players a number of years ago. A show incorrectly circulating as Lights Out 45/7/28 The Rocket Ship is from a different series and date. A dictator and a scientist travel to the bottom of the sea in a diving bell. A man uses his mind to walk through a wall at the bank. Registered users can create playlists of their favourite episodes & series

It was however dropped in … To me it's like painting a picture while some one else is guiding the brush . A murderer develops a serum that, in the end, produces horrific results. Does anyone know the episode I'm referring to?

One victim's sister learns the horrifying secret. One of the best OTR series out there in my opinion, right up there with CBS Radio Mysteries. Was a very popular radio show that dealt with horror and the supernatural. This page was last edited on 18 February 2020, at 20:23. After drinking a new cocktail, a man finds he has a new deadly power. - Enjoy Radio Scripts from the Golden Age of Radio!

Director and writer, Wyllis Cooper's writing was characterized by grisly stories always matched with the appropriate acting and sound effects, he conceived in 1933 the idea of writing a dramatic midnight mystery serial catchy enough to the listeners' attention at a time when the competition was mostly airing music.

Episode dated 1943-09-07 is Lord Marley's Guest, not Ghost. In wartime, anything is possible. I am not quite sure whether this is the correct Lights Out, but would anybody have recordings of the show on KINK-Portland, OR from the 1970s?

This one displays the formidable power of the ancient Kemetic(Egyptian) deities.

A young woman being held prisoner receives some unexpected help.

The prison camp commandant on a remote Russian island has murderous plans for an inspector. A car crash sends a couple and their driver into the prehistoric past.

See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive, Uploaded by It is an hour when dogs howl, and evil things are let loose on a sleeping world. Great horror anthology series!!!!!!!! A Nazi execution squad keeps trying to execute the same woman over and over again. A man and his wife find something unexpected deep below the department store where he works.

A cop killer is forced to stay in a cell supposedly haunted by another cop killer who has already been executed. Order your favorite old time radio shows from the

Scripts are listed by the first noun in the title. Through the actors tone of voice and objects used to resemble action for creative sound effects.

So happy to see these back on here! Two killers on the run meet a mysterious man in a warehouse who knows all about them.


The story of one movie actor and seven mysterious old women in an out-of-the-way hotel. "Poltergeist".

The writing of script is sometimes most impressive . A woman finally gets her chance for revenge on the gangster who killed the man she loved.

Two sisters with an ugly secret take a cruise on an empty ship.

I really enjoy the old acting radio shows . I'd love to hear the original radio shows when they're found.

Please note that this does not include episodes for the television adaption, and only includes the radio show. A couple find a meteorite - and encounter the horror inside it. Lights Out debuted in 1934 and was radio's premier horror series. Program #6.

... actually turn out your lights.

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