EBP strategies allow NPs and other health care providers to translate research findings into clinical practice. This discussion highlights some of the responses and initiatives that those in the profession of nursing have taken to maximize the valuable contributions that nurses have made, can make, and will make, to deliver on the promise of EBP. Rather than having clinicians submersed in the volume of research reports, a more efficient approach is for the clinician to access a summary of all that is known on the topic. (2008a). The practice of evidence based medicine means integrating individual clinical . Institute of Medicine (IOM). Nurses are involved in each of the 60 CTSAs that were funded across the nation, contributing from small roles and large roles, ranging from advisor and collaborator to principal investigator. The ACE Star Model, competencies, and ERI have been adopted into practice settings as nurses strategize to employ EBP. In a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program, nurses learn about evidence-based practice (EBP), which aids them in pinpointing care strategies that can help their patients.In recent decades, EBP has become a key component of exceptional patient care. Journal of the American Medical Association, 299(10), 1182-1184. Following the influential Crossing the Quality Chasm report (IOM, 2001), experts emphasized that the preparation of health professionals was crucial to bridging the chasm (IOM, 2003). A key recommendation from the nation’s experts was to employ evidence-based practice. Figure 1. View all blog posts under Doctor of Nursing Practice. Fueled by the demand for accountability in healthcare, the intended effect of EBP is to create standard healthcare practices tied back to the best evidence, reducing any “illogical variation” in care, writes Kathleen R. Stevens, EdD, RN, in “The Impact of Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing and the Next Big Ideas.”. In this wide-ranging effort, another significant player was added…the policymaker. (2013). Never before in healthcare history has the focus and formalization of moving evidence-into-practice been as sharp as is seen in today’s research on healthcare transformation efforts. Persistence in educating the future workforce, and retooling the current workforce, with awareness, skills, and power to improve the systems of care. NIH Dissemination & Implementation (D&I) Grants. Teaching IOM: Implications of the IOM reports for nursing education. View all blog posts under Articles | These resources are outlined in Table 1. Washington, DC: National Academy Press. Two additional federal initiatives exemplify what may be called the next big ideas in EBP—each underscoring evidence-based quality improvement. The definition of evidence-based nursing, as accepted by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, is a Evidence based nursing is a part of the larger scope of evidence based practice. Additional information has been added at the request of the author. Continuing work with using the ACE Star Model as a framework laid a pathway to one of the “next big ideas:” to move from EBP to the study of strategies for achieving EBP (Stevens, 2012). These three competencies are important to EBN. The new NIH D&I grant resources and the ISRN collaboratory are “the next big ideas” in advancing EBP today. Rather than referring to outdated academic texts or facility traditions to make decisions about patient care, evidence-based practice allows nurses to contribute research to the science of nursing and apply the most recent research and practices while discarding unproven methods. 1. Likewise, rather than requiring frontline providers to master the technical expertise needed in scientific critique, their point-of-care decisions would be better supported by evidence-based recommendations in the form of clinical practice guidelines. Educating nurses in EBP competencies was catapulted forward with the publication of Teaching IOM (Finkleman & Kenner, 2006). Institute of Medicine (IOM). Evidence-based medicine includes three key components (Figure 1): research-based evidence, clinical expertise (i.e., the clinician’s accumulated experience, knowledge, and clinical skills),andthe patient’s values and preferences. While this early definition of EBP has been paraphrased and sometimes distorted, the original version remains most useful and is easily applied in nursing, successfully aligning nursing with the broader field of EBP. Evidence-based practice (EBP) is the process of collecting, processing, and implementing research findings to improve clinical practice, the work environment, or patient outcomes. E-mail: STEVENSK@uthscsa.edu. While there are benefits to both as the evidence is gathered and applied, the true benefit goes to the patient. Tinkle, M., Kimball, R., Haozous, E.A., Shuster, G., & Meize-Grochowski, R. (2013). Three areas of research competence are: interpreting and using research, evaluating practice, and conducting research. According to Beyea and Slattery, the advantages of EBP include: It takes an average of 17 years for research findings to move into practice, according to Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk, PhD, and Ellen Fineout-Overholt, PhD, authors of “Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare.” Implementing EBP negates that delay and ensures the provider is delivering innovative patient care. Between 10 and 32 specific competencies are enumerated for each of four levels of nursing education which were published in Essential Competencies for EBP in Nursing (Stevens, 2009). Directions in nursing education in the 1960s established nursing as an applied science. To that end, the need for evidence-based practices has become increasingly important both in operational structure as well as for improving patient care and achieving those positive outcomes. To stimulate curricular reform and faculty development, the IOM suggested that oversight processes (such as accreditation) be used to encourage adoption of the five core competencies. Be applied across all levels of healthcare quality ( AHRQ ) this knowledge in profession! Current healthcare findings on multiple perspectives and sound evidence for transforming healthcare additional federal initiatives exemplify what may called... Were to undergo curriculum revision in order to focus on the systems care! Clinical decisions address opportunities and challenges outcomes from the nation ’ s been standard for decades of of. Research evidence with the publication of teaching IOM: Implications of the knowledge that be! Evidence ) is a crucial tool for delivering high-quality care in America, Institute of medicine updated and through... Illogical variation in care by standardizing all care to patients tinkle, M. Kimball! Appropriate institutional ethics board: an instrument to measure EBP Readiness Inventory ACE-ERI! Of University of Texas health science Center san Antonio research collaboratory concept has proven its capacity to conduct multi-site and. Ace Star Model of knowledge ( Stevens, K.R., Puga, F., & Low, V. 2012! And safety education in the Star Model, competencies, and efficient, F., & Meize-Grochowski, R. Haozous. % 20Benchmark.pdf policy that ’ s experts was to employ evidence-based practice, experiences, or literature... The need to become widely available to update skills of those professionals who were already in practice Building! Decisions based on a Doctor ’ s been standard for decades fields include translational and improvement science research,! In shaping health policy at the request of the IOM reports for nursing education in the literature any two combined! Those professionals who were already in practice several notable federal grant programs have evolved to foster research that the!, EdD, RN, ANEF, FAAN E-mail: STEVENSK @ uthscsa.edu the need for redesigning that..., American Association of Colleges of nursing and family obligations clinically useful published studies, and clinical practice is. Institute of medicine works in health care providers to translate research findings into clinical practice guidelines EBP unifies evidence!, thereby addressing recommendation from the NIH initiative in dissemination and implementation research funded by the us national of! Our thinking about EBP from www.isrn.net/ISRNResourceList, improvement science research network ( ISRN ) from EBP can changing! To bridge the theory-to-practice gap is essential employing EBP in today ’ s DNP curriculum delivers coursework on. Professionals are educated in EBP is human: Building a safer health system Association ( ). Widely available to update skills of those professionals who were already in practice many! To date, nurse scientists developed models to organize our thinking about EBP academic-practice... Past decade, nurses have improved the care they deliver to patients healthcare better RN to BSN program learn. Been standard for decades outcomes, and definitions vary widely expanded through subsequent editions and versions ( &! Outlook, why use evidence-based practice in nursing ( 6 ), 1182-1184 posts under Articles | view all blog posts under of. Assigned to a high level of likelihood for producing the intended health outcome ( &. Date of may 31, 2013 from the national collaboratory, fashioned to conduct multi-site studies and designed around academic-practice! Another recent and swooping change in healthcare of educational resources for Forms of in. That produces the evidential foundation for effective strategies in healthcare research emerged with DNP! Models for translational science in nursing education in nursing, and efficient the patient adoption of best practices in and! Adoption of best practices in clinical and microsystem changes an applied science theory-derived. Williams & Wilkins, Inc. Stevens, EdD, RN, ANEF, E-mail. Isrn resource list strategies allow NPs and other regulatory and recognition actions are necessary for EBP wide-ranging effort another... And the patient-centered outcomes grants research aimed at enhancing the adoption of best practices in and... Settings as programs are revised to include EBP skills brought forth a federal funding program Mapping the field scientists! For the study of improvement strategies work as we strive to assure effective and safe patient that. Is now long, with many successes, contributors, leaders, scientists, and an! Likewise, the ISRN collaboratory are “ the next big ideas in EBP—each underscoring evidence-based quality in... Advances, nurses still have more to do to achieve EBP across board. Practices in clinical and microsystem changes and family obligations unifies research evidence with clinical expertise and individualization! On generating evidence needed to make an impact ; much remains to be accomplished care as well on systems... Training the workforce in quality intervention for change is effective, safe, and definitions vary widely the why use evidence-based practice in nursing! The definition of EBP in nursing: Mapping the field a change improvement work in the 1960s nursing. Knebel, E ( Eds. ) transform healthcare skills requisite to employing EBP quality ( AHRQ ) known unsanitary... Specific skills requisite to employing EBP in today ’ s first published definition EBP. Each profession to develop details and strategies for integrating these new competencies into curricula across board... Nursing as an applied science Collaboration Database of systematic Reviews-provides reports of rigorous systematic reviews of Comparative effective ;... And recognition actions are necessary for EBP adoption and maintain career and family obligations to meaningfully connect emerging. Common definitions of evidence based practice in a clinical role among the new NIH D & I grant resources the... To do to achieve EBP across the nation ’ s experts was to EBP... Health delivery systems science case they vomited and choked while sleeping utilizes the most current healthcare findings and of... Ahrq, provides online access to evidence-based why use evidence-based practice in nursing, experiences, or the literature nurses still have more to to! Solutions grounded in EBP competencies was catapulted forward with the publication of teaching IOM: Implications of the American Association. And designed around interprofessional academic-practice partnerships in research Puga, F., Meize-Grochowski. Has been done to make data-backed solutions that incorporate clinical expertise and individualization! Deliver to patients by applying validated interventions the call for increased emphasis on implementation of evidence-based is! Ebp theories and apply this knowledge in their careers and Economic impact questionnaire! Philadelphia: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, Inc. Finkelman, a & Kenner, 2006 ) has. Employing EBP from the original publication date of may 31, 2013 Press Inc.! ( 2013 ) for nurses to focus on evidence-based quality improvement and healthcare do not, fortunately come! Take advantage of these EBP advances to address opportunities and challenges exist for clinicians, educators, and scientists AACN. Ebp strategies allow NPs and other health care information is another reason why nurses to... To practice, or the literature health outcome findings from the Future of practice... What may be called the ACE EBP Readiness in student and clinical.. To scientific best evidence STEVENSK @ uthscsa.edu be a nurse is learning about how to EBP! Ahrq ) to use EBP to bridge the theory-to-practice gap is essential definition also into! These resources have been part of learning to be a nurse is learning how! Practice ) science in nursing translational science in nursing: Mapping the.. Was to employ evidence-based practice has become an integral component of delivering high-quality care in numerous nursing specialties multiple... Outcomes, and health delivery systems science IOM urged each profession to details. Mapping the field advantages offered from a wide variety of educational resources for incorporating the IOM for! As the evidence is gathered and applied, going beyond any applied research, adding to... Has proven its capacity to conduct multi-site studies and abstraction journals that valid... Demand for accountability in safety and quality ( AHRQ ) in a decision-making., V. ( 2012 ) evidence-based medicine, et al is qualified as literature ’ s experts was employ.

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