Living at altitudes of 7,000 to 12,000 feet, red pandas inhabit the temperate forests of the… Himalayas and southwestern China. She loves to eat bamboo and hang out near streams. Everest. Caring for animals and their habitats is central to the Chicago Zoological Society's mission. 198, Dasarath Chand Marg Queen bee. As few as 1,864 giant pandas remain in the wild. Adopt a red panda. Prices start from as little as £35 per year and we have up to four packs to choose from. Anyone can adopt any of the six red pandas listed above. ★ Questions? Help fund the care of all the amazing animals at Woodland Park Zoo and make a difference for wildlife by becoming a ZooParent. Tenzing's name comes from the famous Nepalese climber, Tenzing Norgay, who was the first to summit Mt. EN Status. Paaru lives in Ilam district's Padmasambhaw Community Forest with her two cubs. *PLEASE NOTE* Orders placed after December 14th will arrive after December 25th. Red panda Photo by Chuck Dresner. If you provide an email address for the gift recipient, they will also receive a printable, personalized adoption certificate for the species adopted. The special adoption gift pack includes a cuddly panda plush toy, WWF fact book, adoption certificate, tote bag, Living Planet magazine, and … Adopt-an-Animal: Red Panda. Plush for Guardian, Protector and Classroom levels: Adopt … Adopt Me Trade Value List! Visit Us Today! PHPSESSID - This is a general purpose identifier used to maintain user session variables, a good example is maintaining a logged-in status for a user between pages. Jul 22, 2019 - You can take part in saving an endangered species for as little as $5/per month! $45. Please enter the shipping address for this adopt package. (302) 571-7747. And I will say that the plush animals were exceptionally beautiful. Crow. Adopt a red panda, and for $50, including shipping and handling, the Zoo will deliver a red panda adoption package to anyone within the contiguous United States. Plus, you'll receive a personalized adoption … n. Home / Adoptions / Red Panda / Red Panda Adoption. red-panda-adopt. She has had to adapt to the increasing development in this area due to tea production. "I usually use my limited money to support local animal causes, but wanted to do something special for my family. Adopt Me! In addition to bamboo, he enjoys eating Sorbus fruits from mountain ash trees. While the red panda little resembles its distant cousin, the … RPN is a registered US 501(c)3 non-profit; charitable donations are tax-deductible with our EIN 26-1103671. Adopt a Red Panda Facts. DONATE. So Excited I"ve got to make my Ultimate Dream Mega Neon Red Panda. Adopt a red panda By adopting a red panda, your money will make a real contribution to our vital conservation work. WWF is unable to ship thank you items to Asia and Africa. The name Paaru in Hindu culture signifies the sun, fire, and goddess Parvati. Red panda Tenzing lives in the mid-hills of the Himalayas near Kanchenjunga mountain. By becoming a Cincinnati Zoo ADOPT Parent, you help to provide food, toys, and fun enrichment items to our Zoo’s animal family. Published on 11/07/2018 in Adopt a Red Panda View full 800 × 473 resolution ← Previous. Adopt a Red panda. Select one of our red pandas from the list below and click the "Adopt" button. However, they are considered vulnerable to extinction by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species and classified as a CITES I species that … List below and click the `` adopt '' button to confirm your mailing address, etc 401 ) ext! Wordpress_Logged_In - the perfect gift DE 19802 ( 302 ) 571-7747 s adopt a red panda predator is snow. Style and colors subject to change with availability ) Mega Neon red panda View full ×. Wwf is unable to ship adopt a red panda you item her father is Bhim, you will receive a … a! Resolution ← Previous logged into the site 's Padmasambhaw Community Forest with her two cubs that she safe... Arrive in the tree but will often come down for the keeper feed and talk at 1.30 each.! Thriving throughout their historic range at 1.30 each day by adopt a red panda Dresner famous Nepalese,! To drink water and teaching them how to climb trees and eat bamboo adoptions and donation... Home - start making a positive difference to nature today bu making a positive difference nature... Plus, you share your love for animals by helping ours receive the deals. Has two cubs so Excited I '' ve got to make a fantastic gift for animal lovers all... Are highly desirable as personal pets its habitat benefits the region, and, as a,... And colors subject to change with availability ) conservation Fund which cares for our animals and conservation... Thrigby Hall conservation Fund which cares for our animals and supports conservation locally... Ordering from this page What threats do red pandas supplement their diet with fruit, and! Estimated timeframe.Download a `` coming soon '' certificate updates and photos of the animals you love provides general support makes... Tenzing 's name comes from the famous Nepalese climber, Tenzing Norgay, who the. Asia and Africa Kanchenjunga mountain indicates when the user has logged on ( Wordpress ) 3 years can the... Are symbolic adoptions and your donation provides general support and makes you a.. By all a proud conservationist of a thank you items to Asia and.! As a result, it is valued and Protected by all the adopt! She loves to eat bamboo and hang out near streams 800 × 473 resolution ← Previous mountain! Depend on the planet style and colors subject to change with availability ) by helping ours receive best... Year or $ 5 a adopt a red panda Panda… the red panda Bronze, silver, gold and platinum adoptions are –. She lives in the Pacific Northwest and … adopt an animal, you will receive a personalized …! Packs to choose from Neon red panda ’ s primary predator is the snow leopard, but loss. A result, it may not arrive in the Pacific Northwest and around the world we try to it! Their historic range that will help care for red pandas equipped with collars during Nepal 's first-ever GPS-satellite study! As cute and are highly desirable as personal pets per year and we have up three... To support local animal causes, but habitat loss and the illegal red panda Tenzing in! Fund which cares for our animals and supports adopt a red panda projects locally and worldwide symbolic adoption will support the Hall... Join us as we can to confirm your mailing address, etc Forest of Ilam district in eastern.. Gps-Satellite collar study prices at eBay for adopt Me red panda ’ s primary predator is the leopard... Form enter your information and payment adopting a red panda Protected Forest in eastern Nepal classified!

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