Most long throw polishers are limited to 5″ pads and larger whereas smaller DAs like the PC and GG6 can run smaller backing plates and pads to get into really tight areas. Rotary machines are normally cheaper and can be used for light to heavy paint correction work. Dual action polisher. Best car polisher in the UK Dual action polisher DAS-6 Pro Plus Buyer´s guide Car polisher machine Comparison chart [Video] ... Like promised at the beginning of our article, here are the main differences between dual action car polishers and rotary polishers. Perfect for polishing, waxing, polishing, buffing and removing swirls This means that heat and friction build up much faster with rotary polishers, so they cut paint faster and can remove severe clear coat scratches easily. Come with random-orbit, swirl-free polishing /sanding action, can reduce the damage of machine tracks, burn marks, holograms, which is different from normal polisher or rotary machines. Rotary vs Dual Action When it comes to choosing between the two different types of car polisher machines, there are various pros and cons for each. The Dual Action Polisher or Buffer. It’s designed to run in an eccentric circular motion. On the other hand, a dual action polisher combines both the rotary and orbitals motions into one forced action. Flex 3401 The Flex is in a class of its own and while it's considered by many to the the best dual action polisher on the market it's built like a tank and is somewhat pricey. This equipment is ideal for buffing out or removing light scratches on the clear coat. One is the Dual Action Polisher/Buffer and the other is the Rotary Polisher/Buffer. There are two classes of dual action polishers discussed here, the Flex 3401 and the Porter Cable style. Short Throw vs Long Throw Dual Action Polisher The two downsides to a long throw polisher are the size and price. A Dual Action Polisher was a revolutionary creation. It’s called dual action because the brushes or pads spin in two different ways. Porter Cable style The advantage of this kind of polisher is that it doesn’t over apply pressure to the surface and assures the … 【DUAL-ACTION POLISHER】7.5A 900W motor provides stable speed for low noise. As oppose to the Rotary polisher where it spins in one single way, The DA polisher spins on varying elliptical orbits, therefore distributing the heat to a larger area making it much safer to your car. Rotary polishers only rotate in one circular direction, dual-action polishers rotate in two circular directions.

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