"Isn't it obvious?" Theron came up with the killer buzz cut. But director David Fincher made sure Flynn filled in details when he adapted Gone Girl for the screen. Perhaps one of the most famous of the first category is Erin Brockovich (“Erin Brockovich”), who stood up for the health of her community. "I started cute but then just spun into raunch. "She really pushed the social norms in her town. For THR's latest intra-industry poll, the editors asked Hollywood professionals — actors, writers, directors and others — to take an online survey of their favorite fictional female characters. says Laura Benanti. She's multilayered. The top result for films people would like to see with a woman in the lead role was the "James Bond" franchise with 15.4%, followed by "Indiana Jones" (13.8%), and "Mission: Impossible" (11.1%). Headey once replied when asked who should finally win the throne in the end. Proving that knuckleheaded studio execs always have existed in Hollywood, suits at MGM wanted to cut Dorothy's opening number, "Over the Rainbow," out of the 1939 film (they thought it slowed down the movie). The Hollywood Reporter, LLC is a subsidiary of Prometheus Global Media, LLC. "But for these people in their 20s and 30s who grew up during the Berlusconi [era], this ass-kicking woman who was tougher than all the dudes was a type they hadn't seen before. "I did not think it was an accurate portrayal of what a woman warrior was or would be. This list includes the best female movie characters to have graced the silver screen, from the beautiful yet willful Scarlett O’Hara to the tirelessly valiant Erin Brockovich. "She just has this plethora of knowledge and wit you wouldn't expect from someone her age," Page tells THR. The character, from the mind of J.K. Rowling, was not only extremely smart, but also kind and, often, the voice of reason in the trio of best friends. 6 for men — which jibes with Fisher's own take on the character. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. "It's Sansa's first kill, and it's such a strong moment for her because all her life she's been affected by these men who have just done such terrible things to her.". But Viola always pushes us to go there." "Julie seemed to have a lot in common with Mary Poppins, a proper English lady," Dick Van Dyke recalls of making Disney's 1964 film. It's kind of lack of fear that gets her into these rooms, and it has kind of gotten her where she is.". "Her story is about a young person discovering her own strengths, self-worth and identity," says Wen. "Root for what, I’m not sure, as she was not a great president, but we still root for her.". Both male and female survey takers placed Leia in the top 10 — No. All rights reserved. © 2020 The Hollywood Reporter DirecTV surveyed 1,003 people about who they thought were the most iconic female film protagonists ever and provided the results to Business Insider. See where Game of Thrones ranks on Hollywood's 100 Favorite TV Shows. Then she saw Gloria Steinem in a documentary praising Goldie Hawn's turn in Private Benjamin. ", Felicity was supposed to be a minor character, but her chemistry with Oliver Queen made her a fan favorite. Fans love her single-minded drive (she keeps a list of people she'd like to kill), gender nonconformity (she dresses like a boy) and her absolute loyalty. ", Adds Wen: "Most of the fans of Mulan I’ve met over the years and the new fans of today all share with me their personal stories of how much Mulan taught them to stand up for themselves and to follow their hearts. Her highly relatable antics in and out of bed kept the show on HBO for six seasons and spawned two feature films and a CW spinoff series. Her hopes for what her character does next on the series: "Kill more people. Vote in THR's bracket. "No matter how horrible Selina is, somehow the Veep audience and we as writers still root for her," he says. Chances are, there's at least one character on these pages who you once imagined being, particularly if you're female — and maybe even if you're not. ", Kevin Spacey's Frank Underwood gets to put his feet up on the Resolute desk, but the real power in this White House is his first lady — a point not entirely lost on the actress who plays her. "Buffy balanced the horrors of adolescence with the horrors of the Hellmouth, which made her extremely relatable," says Gellar, who spent her own adolescence portraying the high school superhero from 1997 to 2003. "She's complex," insists Katic about her tough but tender NYPD detective. "Funny is funny, no matter when it aired," says Ball's friend Carol Burnett. as well as other partner offers and accept our, A DC Comics exec gave us a rundown of its upcoming streaming service, and addressed the controversy over the violent 'Titans' trailer. See where Seinfeld ranks on Hollywood's 100 Favorite TV Shows. "I think he used the word 'unhappy' to describe her. The greatest female movie characters can be broadly sorted into two categories: those based on real women and those created by authors and filmmakers. Women found Leia Organa from "Star Wars" the most iconic, while men found Ellen Ripley from "Alien" the most iconic. Originally, the show's female lead was going to be a waitress at Monk's Cafe, played by Lee Garlington. ", Witherspoon, who played Woods in the sequel Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde as well, tells THR that fans from all over the world still come up to her to say they were inspired to go to law school because of her performance as the perky modern feminist character, “a sorority girl who valued her femininity and her own strength.”. Miller's early sketches had a braided, tied-back 'do. The down-on-her-luck superhero was inspired — no joke — by a Sean Young interview in Premiere magazine. "Paparazzi were constantly asking whom she was dating and what she was wearing and all that. But Knightley was the first to get an Oscar nomination for it. That might be an old-fashioned approach, but it's a time-honored one.". "We all knew it had to eventually be PG-13, so we cleaned up the dialogue.". All of these film franchises and more are anchored by some of the most iconic female characters of all time. Streep enjoyed playing the imperious fashion magazine editor so much that she stayed in character throughout the 2005 shoot. Julie was neither." She is a complex character. ", It ended its run 15 years ago, but Lawless still is getting mobbed by Xena fans, even in Italy. She's naive enough to insert herself into these situations. Reported by Rebecca Ford, Mia Galuppo, Borys Kit, Ashley Lee, Kendal McAlpin, Brian Porreca and Bryn Elise Sandberg. See where The Sound of Music ranks on Hollywood's 100 Favorite Films. See where Gilmore Girls ranks on Hollywood's 100 Favorite TV Shows. During the long audition process for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Watson was asked if there was anyone else in the series she'd be interested in playing. "Her vanity in the movie is such an interesting take — that moment when they’re on the rooftop doing 'Step in Time' and she powders her nose with more soot is so funny!"

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