Charles' father, an elderly mail clerk by the name of Daddy Charles (Perry), talks to Helen, realizing that she is not as happy as she seems. The characters in the play, Angelo, Willie, and Daddy Charles don't exist. Some user-contributed text on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. The stage play was adapted into a motion picture by Lions Gate Entertainment and BET Pictures, and opened on February 25, 2005. Brenda is revealed to have emptied Charles's bank account during his hospitalization and left with their boys. It appears that Helen is living the perfect life, but things are not as they seem, seeing as how Helen and Charles' marriage seems to be slowly falling apart. Diary of a Mad Black Woman is an American stage play written and directed by Tyler Perry, which opened in spring 2001. It is the only Tyler Perry scripted film not directed by Tyler Perry. It has music by Tyler Perry and Elvin D. Ross. In the play, during their divorce, Helen keeps the house and $2,000 a month, but in the movie he throws her out of the house with no money for herself. Madea takes Helen in and helps her get back on her feet, to the dismay of Madea's brother, Joe (also Tyler Perry). Brenda then leaves quickly as Helen was trying to pull her wig off again, like she did when Myrtle told her about Charles, but not before being shot by Madea, who exclaims, "I got her, girl. Charles recovers, returns home with Helen, and resumes his verbal abuse of her. Diary of a Mad Black Woman is a 2005 romantic comedy-drama film written by and starring Tyler Perry, which was inspired by the play of the same name.It is Perry's debut feature film, and the first entry in the Tyler Perry film franchise. In the movie, Helen and Charles have been married for eighteen years, rather than twenty years as in the play. Because Madea is a repeat offender, Judge Mablean Ephriam places her under house arrest and sets a $5,000 property or cash bond for Helen. But Helen takes the opportunity to retaliate for years of neglect and verbal and emotional abuse. Joe and Miltred acted similarly. Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a score of 16% based on 114 reviews. Helen also confides in her friend, Brenda (Robinson), an attorney who also works at Charles' firm, and her mother, Myrtle (Mann), who also thinks that Helen's marriage is still going well. I LOVE the soundtrack! Veronica Lewis, Perry's attorney, said there was no need for her client to appropriate the work of others. Meanwhile, Helen receives a package from a delivery man named Orlando (Moore). The film grossed an estimated $50.6 million in the United States and Canada with an additional $19,000 internationally for an estimated worldwide total of $50.7 million. Their lives are perfect – on the surface. This forces the revelation that Charles received most of his money through drug deals and buying off judges. Their maid, Christina, has left as well because Charles has no money to pay her. Do you know any background info about this album? [6], On December 9, 2008, the case was tried before Judge Leonard Davis in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. For its film adaptation, see, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, Don't Make a Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings,, Articles lacking sources from January 2007, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Marva King as Helen Simmons-McCarter Flint Michigan July 12, Curtis Blake as Charles McCarter Charlotte North Carolina July 13, Tunja Robinson as Brenda Marco Chicago Illinois, "A Man Got to Do What a Man Got to Do", performed by Curtis Blake, "The Blues", performed by Ty London and Regina McCrary, "Turn It Around", performed by Tamela Mann, "Ain't It Funny", performed by Marva King, "Father Can You Hear Me", performed by Marva King, Curtis Blake, and Tamela Mann, This page was last edited on 9 September 2020, at 08:55. It is Perry's debut feature film, and the first entry in the Tyler Perry film franchise. Brenda returns once more, this time bringing the paralyzed Charles to Helen, claiming that she cannot take care of him anymore and that she is not a care giver. Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. This article is about the stage play. This causes him to have a strained relationship with his daughter, Tiffany (Tiffany Evans), who wants to join the church choir. Diary of a Mad Black Woman is a 2005 romantic comedy-drama[2] film written by and starring Tyler Perry, which was inspired by the play of the same name. Let me get the hell out!" Finally, on the night of the anniversary, Charles admits to Helen that he has not been happy for quite sometime, and also tells her that he wants a divorce, revealing that he has been having an affair with another woman, who is Helen's friend Brenda. As their anniversary approaches, the McCarters continue to argue more and more. But, upon realizing that Helen really placed the blame on Charles, Brenda, and (lamentably) God, Myrtle turns back and urges her to direct her anger at the devil and reevaluate her faith in Christ. Since 'Diary of a Mad Black Woman' is one of my favorite movies, I decided to order the soundtrack. Listen to Diary of a Mad Black Woman in full in the Spotify app. Listen to Diary of a Mad Black Woman now. It was filmed almost entirely in Fairburn, Georgia. Helen kicks the driver, Orlando (Shemar Moore), out of the truck and visits her intimidating grandmother, Madea (Tyler Perry). The soundtrack was released by Motown Records on April 19, 2005. The soundtrack to Tyler Perry's extremely successful film Diary of a Mad Black Woman is, fittingly, an all-female affair, with songs that fall perfectly in line with the movie's subject matter. Leave feedback, Angie Stone (born Angela Laverne Brown in January 30, 1961, in Columbia, South Carolina) is a Grammy Award-nominated American R&B, hip-hop, and neo-soul singer and actress. He knows that Helen loves Charles, exclaiming to his son later in the play, "I dunno why she loves you, but she loves you to death."

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