OLYMPIA, WA — The Washington State Supreme Court on Thursday ruled Initiative 976 unconstitutional, striking down a measure approved by voters nearly a year ago that promised $30 car tabs. "So the reduction of budget authority that I-976 implied would have been a catastrophic devastation for the people who have the least ability to absorb the harm". And for Nguyen, this victory means that the state won't need to be in crisis mode, sweating over how to backfill huge transportation budget losses. The justices on Thursday said the measure violated the state Constitution's requirement that initiatives be limited to a single subject and said its description on the ballot was misleading. What happened to $30 car tabs in Washington. Many rural communities with slim budgets would have been decimated by I-976. They argued the initiative incorrectly included too many subjects, suggested that previously approved taxes would not be repealed and falsely promised $30 car tabs, when the lowest possible amount would be $43.25. "In fact, Tim Eyman has never written a successful tax initiative that passed legal muster. Cars Tab by Gary Numan with free online tab player. Many municipalities have their own tax system for transit. Car-tab fees pay for transit and infrastructure around the state. "The initiative was poorly written and very misleading. Nguyen said that Eyman's measure could have resulted in a nearly $700 million hit to a $9 billion state transit budget. Eyman said the court's ruling is "infuriating" and that it is "truly maddening" for the court to say voters were confused. Even before the pandemic and economic crisis, Seattle’s transportation budget was unnecessarily decimated by I-976 last year and our residents and businesses have felt the real impacts of cuts. Tim Eyman’s I-976 is officially unconstitutional! ", Ferguson ended his remarks on a word of advice for Eyman. The court rightly recognized that a clearly inaccurate initiative title and logrolling subjects is unlawful.” said Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes. Every one of his tax initiatives has been thrown out or partially blocked by the courts. VERIFY: Did Bothell police arrest a woman for not wearing a mask? 1 . Best Friends Girl tab. More than 60 cities use car-tab fees to pay for road construction, bus service and sidewalks. None of that was clear in the ballot language. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Notifications can be turned off anytime in the browser settings. Democrats Denny Heck and Marko Liias spar in debate for lieutenant governor, Washington's 2nd highest office, Significant snow could impact travel across Cascade mountains Friday, Bruin's late goal gives Sounders 1-1 draw with rival Timbers, Seahawks moved to Sunday night game on KING 5 after Raiders players potentially exposed to COVID, Uber, Lyft drivers in Seattle to make minimum wage starting in January, What you should know if your license or car tabs are expired in Washington. Though the state "should be open" to changing the system, Inslee said it should be done in a way that doesn't reduce critical funding for state projects. | Drive chords. OLYMPIA, Wash — The Washington state Supreme Court ruled Thursday an initiative approved by voters nearly a year ago that would cap car-tab fees is unconstitutional. Justin Leighton, executive director of the Washington State Transit Association, was one of the lead plaintiffs in the lawsuit challenging I-976's constitutionality. Shop new & used cars, research & compare models, find local dealers/sellers, calculate payments, value your car, sell/trade in your car & more at Cars.com. The City has prevailed! One accurate version. "For most rural communities transit is a social service," Hudson said, describing the Garfield County bus system that seniors rely on to go to the food bank and the senior center. Rather, lawmakers can now start planning for the future of our transportation system. Takedown Policy. | Mr. [Tim] Eyman has never sponsored an initiative that’s withstood legal challenge, so today’s decision shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. None of that was clear in the ballot language. The coalition argued the initiative violates the single-subject rule, which prevents bills from containing more than one subject. Judge Doug North, a Proponent of Diverting Non-Violent First-Time Offenders into Treatment Programs, is Endorsed by The Stranger. Particular to transit in the Spokane region, funding is preserved for lifeline ADA Paratransit service for those whose disabilities prevent them from using regular bus service. Fast Car Tab by Tracy Chapman with free online tab player. The Spokane Transit Authority also issued a statement Thursday, that said, "The court’s ruling primarily focuses on the integrity of Washington’s citizen-led initiative process, but it also preserves critical transportation funding that results in wide-ranging public benefits. Privacy Policy | Great win today for transit and our environment.— Andrew J. Lewis (@LewisforSeattle) October 15, 2020. The man likes a long-sleeve tee apparently as much as he likes losing. Some highway improvements and pothole-filling also depend on car tabs. While this is big for Seattle and the future of transit projects, it's also big news for communities across the state. Justice for Seattle voters prevailed in today's Supreme Court ruling on I-976. Seattle’s Earshot Jazz Festival returns October 16 through November 8, Seeing the Death of Toxic Masculinity in Joe's and Hunter's Intimate Embrace. After voters approved the initiative, Gov. It's crap.". That doesn't even factor in local transit benefit districts. One accurate version. In Seattle, where voters had previously approved a $60 car-tab fee to fund transit, Mayor Jenny Durkan praised the court's decision as "justice for Seattle voters.". Soon after the measure passed, a coalition of cities, counties and Garfield County's transportation agency sued over the initiative's constitutionality. Eyman said voters are tired of paying hundreds of dollars to renew car tabs. Dangerous Type tab. Car-tab fees pay for transit and infrastructure around the state. | Recommended by The Wall Street Journal She is still doing that during the COVID-19 pandemic, somehow. "The high court ruled 776 was single subject so we followed their roadmap with 976.". Now more than ever, The Stranger depends on your support to help fund our coverage. These systems rely heavily on a combination of sales tax and car tab fees. He said voters "clearly" knew what the initiative was and approved it. Eyman billed I-976 as a measure to cap car-tab fees at $30 "except voter-approved charges," but in reality it would have repealed some taxes voters already passed. "Voters were not confused," he said of Thursday's ruling. Maybe it could also be the end to Eyman's tax-slashing referendums. The car tab measure, championed by anti-tax activist Tim Eyman, passed with 53 percent of the statewide vote last November, while about 60 percent of King County voters rejected it. Drive chords (ver 2) 1 . Terms of Use In February, a King County judge rejected most of the legal challenges, but implementation of the law has been on hold pending a ruling from the state's highest court. The all-digital festival features one-of-a-kind performances and panels streamed straight to you. Thank you! Please consider supporting local, independent, progressive media with a one-time or recurring contribution. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal 4 . 1 . The initiative removed the authority to impose any car-tab taxes on the local level. In addition, the state charges fees to help pay for a variety of programs including Washington State Patrol traffic enforcement, highway maintenance, ferry operations and maintenance of county roads and bridges. I-976, the $30 car tab measure approved by voters in 2019 has been struck down by the Washington State Supreme Court. Seattle City Councilmember Andrew Lewis indicated that he hoped the council would quickly try to add car tab fees back into the city's funding mix. "I-976 is the latest in a long list of Eyman tax initiatives struck down by the courts," the statement read. Gov. Sign up for the latest news and to win free tickets to events, The easiest way to find Seattle's best events, All contents © Index Newspapers LLC "I am relieved and pleased the high court agreed with our coalition arguments," Rogers said in an emailed statement, "This provides a sense of reliability for myself, family and the tens of thousands of transit riders in Washington.". That money is used for projects throughout the state, including transit and road work. In a decision signed by eight justices Thursday, the court found the initiative covered many subjects and its title to be "unconstitutionally deceptive and misleading.". 800 Maynard Ave S, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98134, Contact Alex Hudson, the executive director of the Transportation Choice Coalition, described the court's ruling as "really about local choice." 5 . Privacy Policy Help us reach our goal of 1,500 new contributors by the end of fall! 21 . Soon after the measure passed, the state Office of Financial Management estimated a $4 billion hit to tax revenue by 2025, gutting transportation funding and cutting off money to dozens of cities that rely on car-tab fees to fund road projects and metro bus service. Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who defended I-976 and the will of Washington voters, remarked in a statement that his team knew “this would be a difficult case. Drive tab . Cars tabs view all + All Mixed Up tab. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, University of Utah settles with family of murdered student Lauren McCluskey and renames its violence prevention center in her honor, Workers who lost jobs because of COVID-19 find new careers in these fields, Washington Supreme Court Strikes Down Car Tab Initiative. A judge temporarily blocked I-976 from taking effect and the state Supreme Court upheld the decision to block it until a final ruling was made. It's too late to get those factored into the STBD, but the council is able to pass a limited amount (up to $20, which can be raised to $40 after two years) on its own. He said the potential cuts would have made it difficult for him to get to work. Some highway improvements and pothole-filling also depend on car tabs. It was found to be unconstitutional for violating the … ", Ferguson went on. Initiative sponsor and anti-tax activist Tim Eyman previously said the state should use reserves and the Rainy Day Fund to pay for construction projects. Bye Bye Love tab. Michael Rogers, a Lacey man with cerebral palsy, who uses a wheelchair, was another plaintiff. "He should look in the mirror and apologize to voters for once again sending them an initiative that failed to survive a legal challenge and deliver on its promises.". — Mayor Jenny Durkan (@MayorJenny) October 15, 2020. Click here to see what people are saying about Judge North. Reacting to the court's ruling, Eyman said the opposition had "$5 million to convince voters" to vote no. Nguyen is holding out hope that the lawsuit against Eyman—the one where's he accused of using his campaigns to launder money—is successful, and that Eyman will be forbidden from running ballot initiatives ever again. That could be positive news for many voters in the state as it means car tab … The car tab measure, championed by anti-tax activist Tim Eyman, passed with 53 percent of the statewide vote last November, while about 60 percent of King County voters rejected it. A coalition that includes King County and the City of Seattle filed an injunction against Initiative 976, claiming it was unconstitutional. "This was kind of that cloud looming over us all interim." Lewis remarked that maybe this ruling, and losing to a guy like Loren Culp in the governor's race, would signal to Eyman that he should be done. "It's good for our members, but it's good for our transit rider who are dependent on transit, or people with disabilities who ride transit," said Leighton. Seattle's Transit Benefit District (STBD) is up for renewal on the ballot this year. Jay Inslee said that while it's "unfortunate" that Tim Eyman has "yet again" written an unconstitutional measure, he understands vehicle owners in Washington state are frustrated by costly fees to renew car tabs.

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