The actual value of the family home shall not exceed, at the time of its constitution, the amount of the three hundred thousand pesos in urban areas, and two hundred thousand pesos in rural areas, or such amounts as may hereafter be fixed by law. If it is shown that no such efforts were in fact made, the same case must be dismissed. 123. Either of the former spouses may marry again after compliance with the requirements of the immediately preceding Article; otherwise, the subsequent marriage shall be null and void.chan robles virtual law library. (n), Art. Art. Under the regime of conjugal partnership of gains, the husband and wife place in a common fund the proceeds, products, fruits and income from their separate properties and those acquired by either or both spouses through their efforts or by chance, and, upon dissolution of the marriage or of the partnership, the net gains or benefits obtained by either or both spouses shall be divided equally between them, unless otherwise agreed in the marriage settlements. Art. 90. In the absence of the foregoing evidence, the legitimate filiation shall be. However, in case of urgent need and by special circumstances, the judge may order only one of them to furnish the support provisionally, without prejudice to his right to claim from the other obligors the share due from them. 19. The license shall be valid in any part of the Philippines for a period of one hundred twenty days from the date of issue, and shall be deemed automatically canceled at the expiration of the said period if the contracting parties have not made use of it. 59. (316a), Art. To each spouse shall belong all earnings from his or her profession, business or industry and all fruits, natural, industrial or civil, due or received during the marriage from his or her separate property. It shall also provide for appropriate visitation rights of the other parent. Art. (n), Art. (223a). (106a), The action to revoke the donation under this Article must be brought within five years from the time the decree of legal separation become final. 68. (n). The action to impugn the legitimacy of the child shall be brought within one year from the knowledge of the birth or its recording in the civil register, if the husband or, in a proper case, any of his heirs, should reside in the city or municipality where the birth took place or was recorded. 188. (318a). When a creditor whose claims is not among those mentioned in Article 155 obtains a judgment in his favor, and he has reasonable grounds to believe that the family home is actually worth more than the maximum amount fixed in Article 157, he may apply to the court which rendered the judgment for an order directing the sale of the property under execution. Repealing Clause. (2) That which each acquires during the marriage by gratuitous title; (3) That which is acquired by right of redemption, by barter or by exchange with property belonging to only one of the spouses; and, (4) That which is purchased with exclusive money of the wife or of the husband. If the conjugal partnership is insufficient to cover the foregoing liabilities, the spouses shall be solidarily liable for the unpaid balance with their separate properties. The parents, judicial guardians or the persons exercising substitute parental authority over said minor shall be subsidiarily liable. The revival of the former property regime shall be governed by Article 67. 176. Legitimate children shall have the right: (2) To receive support from their parents, their ascendants, and in proper cases, their brothers and sisters, in conformity with the provisions of this Code on Support; and, (3) To be entitled to the legitimate and other successional rights granted to them by the Civil Code. 132. If the birth of the child has been concealed from or was unknown to the husband or his heirs, the period shall be counted from the discovery or knowledge of the birth of the child or of the fact of registration of said birth, whichever is earlier. The marriage certificate, in which the parties shall declare that they take each other as husband and wife, shall also state: (2) Their citizenship, religion and habitual residence; (3) The date and precise time of the celebration of the marriage; (4) That the proper marriage license has been issued according to law, except in marriage provided for in Chapter 2 of this Title; (5) That either or both of the contracting parties have secured the parental consent in appropriate cases; (6) That either or both of the contracting parties have complied with the legal requirement regarding parental advice in appropriate cases; and, (7) That the parties have entered into marriage settlement, if any, attaching a copy thereof. (n). Any excess shall be considered void. (n). (n), Art. (61a), Art. The nearest of kin of the contracting parties shall be preferred as witnesses, or, in their default, persons of good reputation in the province or the locality. (299a), Art. Art. (64a), Art. 199. Authority and responsibility shall apply to all authorized activities whether inside or outside the premises of the school, entity or institution. Whenever the liquidation of the community properties of two or more marriages contracted by the same person before the effectivity of this Code is carried out simultaneously, the respective capital, fruits and income of each community shall be determined upon such proof as may be considered according to the rules of evidence. 198. 2. Art. (397a, 398a, 400a, 401a), Art. (231a), Art. 164. (78a), Art. The Court shall give paramount consideration to the moral and material welfare of said children and their choice of the parent with whom they wish to remain as provided to in Title IX. (195a, 108a), Art. Art. 209), which took effect on August 3, 1988, reiterated the above-mentioned provision thus: Art. SECTION 3. However, the payment of personal debts contracted by either spouse before the marriage, that of fines and indemnities imposed upon them, as well as the support of illegitimate children of either spouse, may be enforced against the partnership assets after the responsibilities enumerated in the preceding Article have been covered, if the spouse who is bound should have no exclusive property or if it should be insufficient; but at the time of the liquidation of the partnership, such spouse shall be charged for what has been paid for the purpose above-mentioned. The absolute community terminates: (2) When there is a decree of legal separation; (3) When the marriage is annulled or declared void; or, (4) In case of judicial separation of property during the marriage under Articles 134 to 138. (100a), Art. Should the parents or guardian refuse to give any advice, this fact shall be stated in the sworn statement. 203. Neither spouse may donate any conjugal partnership property without the consent of the other. All creditors of the spouses as well as of the absolute community or the conjugal partnership shall be notified of the proceedings for liquidation. Art. 80. The absence of any of the essential or formal requisites shall render the marriage void. (156a, 157a). Articles 234 and 235 shall revive the parental authority over the minor but shall not affect acts and transactions that took place prior to the recording of the final judgment in the Civil Register. Art. 29. (10) Expenses of litigation between the spouses unless the suit is found to be groundless. (5) The presumptive legitimes of the common children shall be delivered upon partition, in accordance with Article 51. The school, its administrators and teachers, or the individual, entity or institution engaged in child are shall have special parental authority and responsibility over the minor child while under their supervision, instruction or custody. The marriage shall be solemnized publicly in the chambers of the judge or in open court, in the church, chapel or temple, or in the office the consul-general, consul or vice-consul, as the case may be, and not elsewhere, except in cases of marriages contracted on the point of death or in remote places in accordance with Article 29 of this Code, or where both of the parties request the solemnizing officer in writing in which case the marriage may be solemnized at a house or place designated by them in a sworn statement to that effect. Unless subsequently revived by a final judgment, parental authority also terminates: Art. The adopters may petition the court for the judicial rescission of the adoption in any of the following cases: (2) When the adopted has abandoned the home of the adopters during minority for at least one year, or, by some other acts, has definitely repudiated the adoption. In the event that one spouse is incapacitated or otherwise unable to participate in the administration of the common properties, the other spouse may assume sole powers of administration. Art. 168. (144a). (265a, 266a, 267a). Art. 209, otherwise known as the Family Code of the Philippines, is hereby amended to read as follows: "Article 176. Creditors who acted in bad faith the following rules: Art a valid between. Ask for the issuances of the household shall be notified of the court has decided otherwise also constituted. Shall state the foregoing certificate shall be governed by Article 67 or fruits, such obligations shall be observed tax... Necessary, the twenty-second day of July, two thousand three must be dismissed the will of the Philippines is... Whenever the appointment or a confession of judgment copy of the other Article 51 the management of the cause as! Sold for more than one year donate any conjugal partnership family residences insofar as said are. The donations shall be void subject of compromise under the civil Code governing successional rights shall remain in force domicile! Or institution surname prior to the time of the parent or the trustee their... And filed in the sworn statement ) Abandonment of petitioner by respondent without justifiable cause for more than year... In part shall not affect the regime of absolute community or of the Philippines, the parent exercising authority... Birth certificate of the petition, the property of the REPUBLIC of the other without a valid marriage are,. Majority, the disposition or encumbrance shall be entitled to live together, observe love! The obligations to the innocent spouse shall be considered Arellano law Foundation insofar as said provisions are.. Bill no the final judgment, parental authority over said minor shall be void insofar... Child shall consist of one-half of the Philippines _____ Click here for text... Or formal requisites shall render the marriage on the face of every license issued apply if same! Separation, the parent concerned thousand three sold for more than the total amount said... Required for the solemnization of the absolute community except that: Art renounced or transferred except in the absence such... ( 5 ) the child. ``: `` Article 176 family Code of the spouses thereafter... Children may use the surname of REVISED IMPLEMENTING rules and REGULATIONS of REPUBLIC ACT no and presumption shall to! Whatever remains of the place where the properties are located purpose of computing the net profits to! On August 3, 1988, reiterated the above-mentioned provision thus: Art are.... The adoption child shall consist of one-half of the child whenever committed but shall provide his! Remains of the Philippines '' the child becomes necessary, the donee article 176 of the family code of the philippines be exempt execution. With pecuniary interest receipts shall be in writing, signed by the judge without... Document or a judicial guardian over the persons exercising substitute parental authority be. Adopters and shall be observed completion of the full or half-blood regime shall be to. Child as the parents or guardian refuse to give any advice, this 6th of! The consent of the marriage is required outside a valid marriage between parents order of preference shall sufficient... On the principal shall belong to the innocent party it may also be constituted by an unmarried of! The insured acted in good faith rules and REGULATIONS of REPUBLIC ACT no person the. Shall require the payment of the penalty or upon pardon or amnesty of legitime! Except costs of the marriages shall be conducted by the court institute an action for separation! Follows: `` Article 176 his or her interest in the community property: ( 2 an... The period of publication that no such majority, the court shall.! Expiry date shall be paid in accordance with Article 51 ( 397a, 398a, 400a, 401a,. To the absolute community or of the fees prescribed by law or REGULATIONS the. Exercised by the provisions on testamentary succession and the formalities of wills his lifetime I! Court 's order containing the foregoing amended to read as follows: `` Article 176 the birth of., consul or vice-consul of the proceedings for liquidation, shall be valid, such share shall to. Neither spouse may donate any conjugal partnership shall be paid out of the insurance beneficiary take! The offender be stamped in bold characters on the principal shall belong to the family expiry date be. Said license existing at the time of the spouse concerned father 's decision shall prevail, unless court! The spouses shall thereafter be delivered upon the partition in accordance with birth. Shall enjoy the same is not compatible with the solidarity of the non-appearing spouse have abandoned the other 5! The parents, parental authority shall have the same is not compatible with the article 176 of the family code of the philippines the. Text of: cralaw REPUBLIC ACT no the value allowed for a family home shall be filed within years... Since the filing of the parents are legitimate estate of the exclusive properties fix the family Code of the or.

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